Student Volunteering


Volunteering in your time at DIT can give you that competitive edge you need to get ahead after you graduate. Whether you can offer a helping hand to a once-off event on campus, or make a longer-term commitment to a community organization; DIT can find a role that fits your needs and will get your closer to your goals.

DIT offers many opportunities to become involved in Volunteering in many different fields and with many groups. We are committed to supporting, facilitating, and empowering students to make an impact in their communities, to gain invaluable experience and exercise their skills in volunteering roles across the city.

Become a Student Volunteer with DIT and you will gain experience in services and roles that will impact others positively; and you will also benefit hugely. Volunteering expands your social network, lets you show your leadership skills, develop your employability, practice team-work, and demonstrate you are an active citizen.

By engaging in Student Volunteering in DIT you are making a difference! 


Why Volunteer?

What kind of roles are available?

Gain new skills and exercise old ones

Campaigns, events and fundraising

Receive training and develop opportunities

Community, education or youth groups

Network with other professionals and organisations

Campus based projects

Make a positive impact on your community

Overseas and development work




If you have a great idea, further questions or require any more info please contact Síne

by email at,


Go to to sign up! 

or link with DIT Student Volunteering on Facebook


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