Mature Students: Upskill at DIT

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Worried about your job prospects, recently lost your job?

Mature Students: Upskill at DITThe current economic downturn is affecting people in all sectors, at all levels, and across all professions. If you are worried about your job prospects, your future career or have recently lost your job, now might be a good time to reassess your goals and consider going back to study.  You could update your current skills and qualifications or get a new qualification which may start you on the road to a whole new job or career.

DIT is one of Irelands largest Higher Education Institutes, we have a range of short, part-time and full-time programmes that are available to mature students, starting throughout the year.   These programmes have progression links so that a short course could lead to a full degree or professional qualification.

Springboard 2013: To be launched Shortly

The Springboard initiative in higher education offers FREE, part-time courses at certificate, degree and masters level, leading to qualifications that are in demand among employers. The majority of courses are one-year or less in duration, and Springboard is open to jobseekers who have a previous history of employment and believe that a focused, high-quality qualification is the key to getting back to work. Further information & online application CLICK HERE [2013 to be launched shortly]

What Qualifications do I need to apply to DIT ?

If you are applying as a mature student to an undergraduate programme you do not need to meet the normal leaving cert entry requirements.  Details of the application process for mature students to undergradudate programmes can be found here.

What is Advanced Entry ?

Advanced Entry is where an applicant has previous work experience and/or educational achievements that are considered directly relevant to the course they wish to apply for.  In such a case it is possible to gain entry to the 2nd or subsequent year of a course at DIT.  For Further information please click here.

Financial Information for Mature Students

What are the Fees?

Am I eligible for a Grant?

Will I loose my benefits and allowances?

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