Mature Students: Back To Education (Part-Time)

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Higher Education GrantsWhile the Free Fees Initiative does not apply to part-time programmes, it is possible for students who are unemployed to attend part-time programmes at DIT and retain their Jobseeker's Benefit (JB) or Jobseeker's Allowance (JA). Students would still be liable for the fees associated with their chosen programme of study.

The Department of Social & Family Affairs has stated that part-time Mature Students may continue to claim their JB or JA while studying, through the Back To Education Programme (Part-Time Option), as long as:

  1. Participants on part-time courses who continue to receive payment of JA / JB are required to satisfy the conditions of being available for and genuinely seeking employment on an ongoing basis.
  2. Where a JA / JB recipient is pursuing a part-time course of study on the understanding that the course will help to enhance his/her employment prospects, s/he should be encouraged to complete the course. However, attendance on a part-time course under the Part-time Education Option is allowed on the clear understanding that availability for and genuinely seeking reasonable work opportunities takes precedence over course attendance, should a conflict arise.

If you are considering returning to education as a part-time student and wish to retain your JB or JA, you'll need to apply using the BTEA Application Form 2010 

If you are approved (it's best to check with your local Social Welfare Office first), you will continue to sign on as usual, and won't lose any of the secondary benefits associated with your JB or JA, such as Rent Allowance etc. 

Ask at your local Social Welfare Office for more details.

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