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Honours Degree Programmes (Level 8)

DT417 Bar Studies (Management & Entrepreneurship) C AE F          
DT8418 Baking and Pastry Arts Management   AE            
DT565 Chinese & International Business C AE F          
DT597 Creative & Cultural Industries C AE F          
DT407 Culinary Arts C AE F          
DT416 Culinary Entrepreneurship C AE F          
DT405 Culinary Science                
DT544 Design (Interior & Furniture) C AE F   Ω      
DT545 Design (Visual Communications) C AE F   Ω      
DT529 Drama (Performance) C AE F     p    
DT572 Early Childhood Education C AE F        
DT517 English Studies & Languages C              
DT413 Event Management C AE F          
DT504 Film & Broadcasting C AE F          
DT546 Fine Art C AE F   Ω      
DT508 Games Design C              
DT408A Hospitality Management   AE            
DT555 International Business & Languages (French) C AE            
DT556 International Business & Languages (German) C AE F          
DT564 International Business & Languages (Italian) C AE F          
DT557 International Business & Languages (Spanish) C AE F          
DT401 International Hospitality Management C AE F          
DT582 Journalism C AE F          
DT518 Languages & International Tourism (French) C              
DT519 Languages & International Tourism (German) C              
DT520 Languages & International Tourism (Spanish) C              
DT532 Law C AE F          
DT411H Leisure Management   AE            
DT501 Music C AE F     p    
DT506 Music (Commercial Modern) C AE F       Ξ  
DT528 Music Education   AE            
DT559 Photography C AE F   Ω      
DT596 Print & Digital Media Technology Management C AE F          
DT001 Product Design C AE F          
DT571 Social Care C AE F        
DT406A Tourism Management   AE            
DT412 Tourism Marketing C AE F          
DT589 Visual Art (Co. Mayo)               Δ
DT589 Visual Art (Sherkin Island)               Δ
DT533 Visual & Critical Studies C AE F          



Ordinary Degree Programmes (Level 7)

DT418 Baking & Pastry Arts Management                                      C AE F      
DT408 Hospitality Management C AE F      
DT411 Leisure Management C AE F    
DT406 Tourism Management C AE F q    
DT598 Visual Merchandising & Display C AE F     Ω

Higher Certificate / Certificate Programmes (Level 6)

DT432 Culinary Arts (Professional Culinary Practice)                                C AE F
DT404 Food Sales and Culinary Practice        

Other Programmes

DT522a Mature Student Access Course                                                     


C Entry into 1st year: CAO applications accepted.  Go to www.cao.ie [+read more]
Entry into 1st year: Apply online directly to the Admissions Office.
AE Entry into 2nd/3rd/4th year: Advanced Entry applications accepted. [+read more]
F Programme is FETAC linked [+read more]
q Students who successfully complete 2nd year of this programme and who do not wish to progress to the 3rd year will receive a Higher Certificate award.
All students must be vetted by An Garda Síochána [+read more]
p Applicants must attend an audition/interview in March/April 2014 [+read more]
Ξ  Applicants will be required to attend an assessment with BIMM Dublin [+read more]
Ω Applicants must submit a portfolio on Thursday 6th or Friday 7th March 2014 [+read more]

Interview & portfolio of recent artwork required. Apply online directly to DIT Admissions Office.

Sherkin Island: Interviews will be held at the Community Hall, Sherkin Island in early May 2014.

Mayo: Interviews for the Mayo stream to be announced at a later date.
Opportunities are available for continuing studies to higher level programmes


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