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Duration of programme: 4 years
Type of programme: Honours Degree
Number of places: 50 approx.

What is Architectural Technology?

Architectural Technology is the technical design and expertise used in the application and integration of construction technologies in the building design process.

Programme Description

DT175 BSc (Honours) Architectural Technology is a new four-year full-time Level 8 honours degree programme which replaces DT105, a three-year Level 7 ordinary degree programme in Architectural Technology. It is one of a suite of new programmes which has been developed by the Dublin School of Architecture Department of Architectural Technology to address the educational needs of the professional Architectural Technologist.

Professional Accreditation

It is expected that the DT175 BSc (Honours) Architectural Technology programme, as with the DT105 Level 7 programme which it replaces, will be professionally accredited by the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI).

What will I study on this programme?

The DT175 BSc (Honours) Architectural Technology is a studio based programme. Technical Design Studio provides a structured setting in which the student is exposed to a variety of teaching and learning experiences. Project work is undertaken against the background of lectures, critiques, one to one tutorials, seminars, group work and construction skills classes.

Technical Design Studio provides a focus for the development of skills in three-dimensional problem solving. These skills include freehand drawing, hard line mechanical drawing and model making. Studio project work also allows the development of skills in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to produce both 2D technical drawings and 3D virtual models. The presentation of studio projects in crits encourages the development of the student’s verbal communication skills.

The studio format offers flexibility for students to attend project related site visits and field trips away from the college environment, thereby widening their understanding of the context of their project work. These experiences are supplemented by industry and professional presentations, specialist structural engineering and mechanical & electrical engineering design workshops, and visits to building exhibitions.

In studio, students have unrestricted access to a dedicated workspace and work alongside one another for long periods of time, both during timetabled contact hours and beyond. Studios are equipped with both manual drawing facilities and PCs, allowing students to carry out their project work using a variety of media and approaches.

The BSc (Honours) Architectural Technology programme allows a Level 7 exit award at the end of year three, facilitating access to the workforce, or educational progression to a Level 8 degree in architecture.

What are my career opportunities?

As the building industry evolves in response to an increasingly complex technological world, and as the various building professions respond to these changes, the traditional role of an architectural technician producing working drawings under the direction of an architect is replaced by the Architectural Technologist who is a highly skilled technical professional trained to play a leading role in the increasingly complex technical design process which drives contemporary architecture and building.

As a technical designer, the Architectural Technologist plays a co-ordinating technical design role at the centre of the building design process. S/he should have an appreciation of the conceptual nature of the architectural design process, and should be able to work alongside the architect in applying technical design principles in the development of an architectural design. S/he will play a lead role in overseeing and co-ordinating the input to the design process of consultant structural and services engineers, and of specialist sub contractors.

What other options do I have after completion?

Graduates of the DT175 BSc (Honours) Architectural Technology programme will be eligible to progress to the recently validated Department of Architectural Technology Level 9 postgraduate certificate in Applied Architectural Technology, and to planned postgraduate diploma and masters degree programmes in architectural technology specialisms such as conservation technology, sustainable technology, and information management technology.

Many architectural technology graduates choose to study Architecture. A small number are admitted to the DIT Degree in Architecture programme subject to suitability test and interview, generally to first year but from time to time to second year.

Each year the department runs a series of careers seminars and workshops to assist students in preparing their applications for places in degree programmes in Architecture in the various colleges in Ireland, the UK and elsewhere.

Entry Requirements

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Further information

School of Architecture

T: 01 402 3691

(Cormac Allen. Head of Department)



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