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School Liaison Officer

In DIT, the role of the School Liaison Office is recognised as vital to help meet the needs of many Guidance Counsellors across the country.

The School Liaison Officer can deliver talks to students in the classroom to help supplement what is already provided in hard copy and web based format. The presentation promotes all DIT programmes, together with information on CAO, Student Sports / Recreation and Support Services.

Guidance Counsellors can, if they wish, request specific talks by individual college or school coordinators and many DIT staff from these areas also provide a valuable service in this regard.

Careers Fairs / Exhibitions are another important aspect of the role of the School Liaison Office and with many of these taking place during the day with some also taking place in the evenings, we endeavour to fulfil all requests to attend. The evening events facilitate both the senior cycle students and also their parents and other non standard applicants who wish to attend without having to take time off school or work.

If you would like to avail of a class talk, please contact directly (additional contact details listed below) ensuring you include the following information: 

  • Preferred Days and Times of Visit
  • Name and Address of School
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number

Contact details for the School Liaison Office:

School Liaison Officer Recruitment Officer

Lynda Young


T: (01) 402 4157

Gareth O'Neill


T: (01) 402 5353 


Admissions Office

Dublin Institute of Technology

Room: RD002 Rathdown House


Dublin 7 

Useful links for Guidance Counsellors:

CAO Online application into first year on all full-time undergraduate programmes
HEAR For school-leavers from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds
Deferred Entry A facility to defer entry for one year
Advanced Entry Where an applicant has previous work experience and/or educational achievements that are considered directly relevant to the undergraduate programme they wish to apply for. In such a case, it is possible to gain entry to the second or subsequent year.


Further Education & Training Awards 
Disability The DIT is an equal opportunities institution & welcomes applications from students with disabilities. The Institute will endeavour to ensure that appropriate facilities are available to allow full access & participation for all students.
Mature Students Students must be 23 years of age on the 1st January of the year of entry to qualify as a mature student. A mature student application form will be assessed on a number of criteria including work & education experience, hobbies, interests, voluntary work, etc, and not on leaving certificate points.