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Automotive Engineer Assessor (IAEA)


Programme Description

This programme allows candidate to apply for membership of the IAEA.  Membership is required to undertake examinations. Member or Associate grade of the Institute is determined by the successful completion (and passing) of a practical exam in addition to completion (and passing) of written examinations.


The programme consists of four sections/modules;

  • Basic principles of maths & physics applicable to accident reconstruction
  • Motor Vehicle Legislation as Related to Insurance Principles
  • Principles and Practice of Motor Vehicle Damage Assessment
  • Motor Insurance

Entry Requirements


Examinations / Assessments

Students take the IAEA examinations in June


Student may progress to a suitable level 7 degree programme

Career Opportunities

Employment as an Insurance Assessor

Additional Information

Applicants must apply for Membership of the IAEA in order to be eligible to undertake the IAEA examinations.