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Building Engineering



The Engineers Ireland fully accredited programme meets the academic requirements for the status of Engineering Technician.  The programme modules are delivered with the whole time Ordinary Building Engineering (Level 7) programme.  Upon successful completion of the Ordinary Degree students can opt to do an additional two years whole-time or take individual modules on a CPD basis to obtain an Honour’s Degree in Building Engineering (Level 8) by from the DT026A programme.

The programme is particularly aimed for part-time students who have knowledge of the Building Engineering industry or who wish to up/re-skill in the industry.  Qualifying students will be assessed, during the application process for suitability on the programme.

Course Content

Degree in Building Engineering

DT7013 LEVEL 7

Year 1

Year 2


Fuels, Combustion, Gas & Sanitary Services.

Renewables & Low Energy Technologies.

Air Conditioning Engineering.

Engineering Mathematics.



Electrical Distribution & Control.

Building Fabric Load Assessment and Computer Modelling.

Engineering Management.

Dissertation and Final Year Design Project.

Entry Requirements

Advanced Entry Requirements:  This is an advanced entry only programme students must have completed a passed Years 1 to 3 of the DT6030 part-time programme or Years 1 and 2 of the DT005A whole-time programme, or have an equivalent Level 6 qualification from an approved Engineering related discipline and Engineers Ireland accredited programme.  Applicants will be assessed for suitability upon application to the programme.

Module Assessment

Programme modules are assessed by a combination of end of semester examination and/or continuous assessment throughout the semester.


Upon successful completion of the DT7013 (Level 7) Ordinary Degree programme in Building Engineering, students may opt to progress to the DT026A Year 3 whole time Honours Degree in building Engineering programme.  The DT026A is a further 2 years full-time or students can choose to take the DT026A modules on an individual CPD module-by-module basis to achieve an Honours Degree in Building Engineering (Level 8).  The delivery of DT026A programme is at a whole-time basis with day-time students (common lectures).

Career Opportunities

The Building Engineer works closely with other engineering disciplines such as architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors on construction projects.  The range of services required in buildings is continuously expanding offering graduates challenging and rewarding careers within the industry from the design, construction, manufacturing, sales, facilities and operational roles.