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CPD Certificate/Diploma in Computing


Programme Description

This programme allows students to take any of the modules from our part time B.Sc. in Information Systems and Information Technology independently. For a full range of the modules on offer please visit


The programme is designed to meet the needs of the student, and is strongly focussed on practical skills. Depending on the needs of the student different modules can be selected, at introductory or advanced level.

Entry Requirements

As a continuing professional development certificate/diploma, this is aimed at individuals who have an interest in computing, and require development of skills in this area for their current employment, or already have a qualification within IT and wish to expand on that knowledge


Written assessment and/or continuous assessment for each module taken.


Students who complete a DT249P CPD certificate or diploma will be entitled to exemptions upon application to the part-time DT249 degree programme.

How to apply

Online via DIT’s online application system. However, all candidates are requested to review all information on the DT249 / DT249P website, and in particular the application page HERE for detailed and up to date information on the application process.