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Construction Technology


Programme Description

This is a one-year part-time post-certificate programme leading to a Level 7 Ordinary Degree in Construction Technology. It is designed to meet the needs of the construction industry for technical and managerial staff who have a sound understanding of the principles of construction technology and management, together with a good appreciation of general management skills and of the economics of the industry.

Career Opportunities

This award is particularly suitable for those who wish to attain positions relating to site management, contracts management, estimating and surveying in the construction industry. The majority of graduates work in building contracting or sub-contracting firms as Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Programmers, Planners, Contract Managers and Site Managers. Many have attained a high level in management where they are now executive directors or managing directors. Other graduates are working for consultants in various capacities.

Programme Modules

  • Construction Technology 3B - Building Structures
  • Construction Technology 3C - Building Services
  • Construction Management 3
  • Contract Administration
  • Quantity Surveying 2
  • Legal Studies for Construction Managers
  • Construction Finance
  • Construction Work-Related Project

Entry Requirements

Certificate in Construction Technology of Dublin Institute of Technology or equivalent.

Evidence of qualifications must be submitted with the application for admission to the programme.

Occupational Requirements

Applicants should be in appropriate employment throughout the programme. Such employment is defined as any supervisory, administrative, or technical function in construction where the student has an input to, or provides support to, the management of construction. Such positions include, site technician, foreman, junior QS, site clerk/administrator, draughtsman, estimator, buildings maintenance supervisor, etc. Where an applicant is in full time employment, a letter of support from the applicant's employer should be submitted, confirming that the student will be available to attend college lectures and assessments.

Further Information

As the number of places is limited, candidates may be short-listed on the basis of information supplied on the application form. Late applications may be considered should vacancies remain. Candidates will be notified of the outcome or of any short listing procedures.