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Data Analysis for Professionals


What is the Springboard Initiative?

This programme is run as part of the Springboard initiative. Your qualification will still be awarded by TU Dublin. 

The Springboard initiative in higher education offers free, part-time courses at certificate, degree and masters level, leading to qualifications that are in demand among employers.

‌The majority of courses are one-year or less in duration, and Springboard is open to jobseekers who have a previous history of employment and believe that a focused, high-quality qualification is the key to getting back to work

Programme Description

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals caters for individuals from a diverse range of background, such as, business, accounting and finance, science or engineering. Anyone interested in learning statistical data analysis skills for the first time or building on their existing skills set would be well suited to this course. The programme develops the core skills associated with the principles of statistical data analysis including how to interpret a data set and how best to represent the data and results of the analysis. The programme equips students with the statistical and mathematical knowledge required to extract critical information from large data sets. It also enhances problem solving and decision making skills by building and strengthening analytical capabilities. A blend of theory and practise with a strong emphasis on the use of modern software packages, such as R underpin the programme. The programme also aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn and experience how companies and institutions use the results of data analyses in their decision making processes. A core component of the programme is an industry-linked business case study project.

Course Content

The programme CPD Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals comprises three taught modules and an industry-linked business case study project. The following topics are covered in the taught modules: 

  • Probability Models and Statistical Inference (10 ECTS credits)
  • Data Set Management (5 ECTS credits)
  • Business Decision Making (5 ECTS credits)

The business case study projects accounts for 25 ECTS credits.


The modules are assessed by a combination of continuous assessment undertaken during the semester and written examinations.  Some modules involve practical tasks and are based solely on continuous assessment.

The Business Case Study Project module is assessed through a combination of a group summary report, a presentation and an individual project report.

Examinations for Semester I modules take place in January and examinations for Semester II modules take place immediately following the end of teaching in May. Reassessment takes place in August. Students are required to attend the Institute and be available for examinations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme are highly practical and grounded in the specific needs of organisations with respect to data analysis and problem formulation and solution. The programme produces innovative and creative graduates who are independent and adaptive thinkers in the face of complex and dynamic problems. Graduates from this programme will be industry ready and familiar with the techniques, modern software and approaches that are used in practice.

Entry Requirements

Students wishing to enrol should normally possess EITHER a qualification in science, engineering or computing at level 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications OR a qualification in business, accounting or a financial discipline at level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) procedures of the Institute will be used in assessing applicants who have qualifications not placed on the National Framework of Qualifications. 

Please note that, due to the high demand for programmes, early applications are encouraged. 


Graduates of the programme will receive a Continuous Professional Development Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals (level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications, 45 ECTS credits). The award is not classified.

Individual modules can be studied as individually-certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules.