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Engineering Systems Maintenance


Programme Description

All Companies face increasing pressure to cut costs and improve profitability as they strive to be successful in global markets. Maintenance is key to this success as it contributes significantly to maximising asset life, minimising lifecycle costs, risk management, project management, financial management, safety management, environmental management and all while staying focused on organisational goals. 


Maths, Computer Software Applications, Communications, Power Conditioning, Maintenance Principles of Power Transmission, Electro-Technology, Applied Engineering Science ,Applied Engineering Materials, Programmable Logic Controllers, Facilities Operation Maintenance & Efficiency ,Maintenance & Asset Management ,Instrumentation, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Computer Aided Design, Electrical Service Plant , Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Supportability, Electrical Facilities Maintenance, Mechatronics, Business Management, Metrology & Quality, Computurised Plant Maintenance, Project

Entry Requirements

Mechanical and Electrical tradespersons

Examinations / Assessments

Mixture of end of semester examinations and continuous assessment.

Learning Outcome

Apply and maintain health and safety standards in many aspects of the industrial environment. Apply the science and mechanics of engineering materials to maintenance applications. Apply a multi-disciplinary approach to trace, identify and replace mechanical, electrical, and electronic and control components during breakdown of machinery or as part of a planned maintenance programme. Demonstrate a relevant ability in technical reporting, record keeping, communication and managerial functions. Demonstrate a relevant ability in problem solving, analysis, and decision making by identifying relevant information from technical manuals, drawings and computer data bases. Use and apply computer software for engineering tasks such as , report writing, PLC, CAD, condition  monitoring and fault finding/ diagnostic techniques.  Contribute as part of a team to the efficient management of an industrial operation or plant and take responsibility for setting up, testing, commissioning of equipment.

Career Opportunities

Engineering Systems Maintenance allows graduates to work in a mechanical / manufacturing / electrical engineering maintenance environment in high-tech multi-national companies as well as traditional indigenous industries and public utilities