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Food Skills Development - Artisan


CPD Stage 1

Programme Description

This programme is designed primarily to enable students to enter the artisan sector and will allow them to demonstrate abilities in the development, preparation and presentation of artisan products in a safe, healthy and nutritious manner.

Students will recognise the need for products that are cost effective and efficient in a wide variety of settings (food production, food retail, farmers markets, catering establishments etc).  The programme aims to equip participants with an appreciation and the ability to apply the concepts, theories and practices from each of the module areas in modern-day food artisan operation. The graduates will be provided with a wide range and specialized knowledge and skills necessary to operate or manage a food artisan retail outlet in a framer market and other food artisan retail outlets.

Entry Requirements

Entrants should be mature students (23 years +). No previous experience required for entry level modules. Advanced level modules may have pre-requisite modules or/and relevant industry experience requirements. Applications for exemptions will be considered on a case by case basis. Entrants may be required to attend for an interview.


Students who successfully complete the examinations or skills assessment will be considered for exemption from the equivalent subject on the relevant Degree programme.