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(Hospitality) Management Principles


Programme Description

This module introduces the learner to the core concepts and theories of effective management essential to the operation of an enterprise in the hospitality industry.


  • Introduction to Management Activity in a Hospitality Organisation: Levels of Management; Types of Managers; Functions of Management; Management Roles; Management Skills; Hospitality Experiential Activity.
  • The Evolution of Management Thought: From Classical to Modern approaches in the Hospitality Industry; Hospitality Experiential Activity.
  • Planning in Hospitality Organisations: The Role of Planning; Types of Planning; the Planning Process; Gantt Chart; PERT Analysis; External and Internal Analysis (SWOT); Decision Making.
  • Forms of Business Organisations: Traditional Structures; Recend Developments in Organisational Structure; Components of Organisational Structure; The Business Environment.
  • Motivation: Motivation and Rewards; Early Views of Motivation; Mc Gregor's Theory X and Theory Y; Need Theory; Summary of other Relevant Theories; Hospitality Experiential Activity.
  • Leadership in Hospitality Organisations: Overview and Critical Evaluation of Leadership Theories; Assessment of Leadership Styles and their Impact on Motivation; UNIT 7, Hospitality Teamwork: Teams and Groups; Group Conflict; Team Development; Team Building; Managers and Teamwork; Belbin's Team Types.
  • Quality Management in Hospitality: Total Quality Management; Approaches to TQM; Quality as a Competitive Strategy; Quality in the Hospitality Industry; Quality Teamwork.
  • Conflict in the Workplace: Defining Conflict; Categories of Conflict; Causes of Conflict; Consequences of Conflict; Managing Conflict; Assessment of Conflict Style.
  • Case study addressing components of the above units.

How to Apply/Enrol

Completed application forms should be returned to the School of Hospitality Management & Tourism.  As the number of places is limited, candidates may be short-listed on the basis of information supplied on the application form. Candidates will be notified of the outcome or of any short-listing procedures.

Entry Requirements

Under 23 years of age

(a) Irish Leaving Certificate in five subjects.  Results must include:

  • At least OD3 in Irish OR English
  • At least OD3 in Mathematics
  • At least Grade OD3 in one of French OR German


(b) an equivalent qualification

Over 23 years of age

Candidates will be considered on a base by case basis.

Examinations / Assessments

One assessment & One Exam


The examinations will be considered for exemption from the equivalent subject on the Higher Certificate in Hospitality Services Management programme (Programme Code DT451)  and/or on the BA in Hospitality Management programme (Programme Code: DT460).

Learning Outcome

On completion of this module the learner will be able to:

  • Explain the management process as applied to a variety of functions in a hospitality organisation.
  • Describe and apply management theories from Scientific to TQM.
  • Discuss the functions of management as applied to the hospitality industry.
  • Explain the influence of the external environment on the hospitality industry.
  • Employ tools and techniques of quality management and summarise the role of quality in effective hospitality management practices.
  • Recognise the relationship between management and other subject areas.
  • Identify and address personal learning needs and skills relevant to the module.

Career Opportunities

This module will enhance your career opportunities in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry