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An honours degree, covering specialised topics in law.

Entry Requirements

The part-time LLB is open only to students with a 2:2 or higher in the DIT level 7 BA Ordinary in Law (DT534)


Students take six modules of their choice from those offered. These may be taken over one or two years with a minimum of three modules per year. Classes are held four evenings per week and depending upon subject choice students also attend tutorials on six Saturday's per academic year.

Examinations / Assessments

Assessment is by a mix of essays, research projects and end-of-term exams.


Students who successfully complete the LL.B. can progress onto the Masters in Criminology, the Masters in Child, Family & Community studies, or pursue an MPhil in Law.

Learning Outcome

Students will gain the ability to recognise and apply legal principles in a variety of factual contexts. 

Career Opportunities

The LL.B. includes the topics required to sit the entrance exam to the BL degree at the Honorable Society of King’s Inns, which can lead to a career at the bar as a barrister. However, many students use the LL.B. to advance or begin a career in business, government employment of a non-governmental organisation.