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Medical Device Decontamination


Programme Description

Effective decontamination of reusable medical devices is an essential component of infection control and is a required standard of patient care in all healthcare settings.  This CPD programme is intended to fulfil the continuing education and training requirements for healthcare professionals involved in the safe decontamination of medical devices.  The programme content is designed to provide students with expert training in the cleaning, disinfection and terminal sterilisation processes employed in the safe decontamination of re-usable medical devices and medical instrumentation.  To support this practice-based tuition, the programme includes key concepts in the microbiological principles that underlie microbial transmission, device-related infection and infection control in the healthcare environment. The standards of practice and validation procedures required to comply with current legislation and quality system standards in safe decontamination are also addressed.


A guiding philosophy in the design of this CPD programme is to integrate tuition in the theory and practice of medical device decontamination. Lectures in the principles and processes of medical device decontamination will be supported by practice based-tuition in a dedicated decontamination workspace.  Site-based activities and site visits will also be employed to reinforce the applied nature of the teaching.  Microbiology lectures and laboratory sessions in microbial growth, control, transmission and monitoring in device-associated infection will be delivered in a timeline that underpins teaching in the decontamination programme.

Entry Requirements

This CPD Certificate programme is open to medical device practitioners with level 6 qualifications.  Candidates who do not have the appropriate level 6 qualification but with equivalent qualifications in the broad area of science and health or those with three years relevant professional experience will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Applicants may be required to attend an interview as part of the selection process.

How to apply

Completed application forms should be emailed or posted to the School of Biological Sciences. Please ensure you enclose a recent CV detailing all academic qualifications, any other relevant Certificates, Awards or Training Programmes you have completed and all Professional relevant work experience. Copies of academic qualifications/awards may be requested.


The assessment strategy is designed to evaluate both theory and practice-based skills and to enhance the development of transferrable communication skills.  Assessment of the programme is comprised of 100% continuous assessment, conducted during the delivery of the module. The assessment is comprised of two elements, a problem-based assignment where the student will be required to conduct and compile a workplace audit and a combined practical skills/theory assessment with validation tasks in medical device decontamination and short note questions in microbiology.

Other Information

Target Market

Education and training in medical device decontamination is a prerequisite for all levels of staff, in the public and private health service, working in Central Decontamination Units, Endoscopy Units and Dental Services. This programme is targeted to meet the education and training needs of all staff in the medical device decontamination profession, including Health care assistants, Sterile services technicians, Registered Test Persons, CM1 Nurses (acute/elective), Endoscopy Nurses, Dental Nurses and Medical device design-specialists.

Teaching on the Programme

Training and education in medical device decontamination will be delivered by practicing members of the medical decontamination profession.  Guest lecturers and field experts in areas of quality system standards, legislation and decontamination instrumentation will also be invited to teach on the programme.  The transmission and control of infection will be taught by the Medical Microbiology staff in the School.  As recognised professionals in Biomedical Science these staff members have field expertise in healthcare-associated infection and infection control.