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Property Studies


Programme Description

The BSc (Hons) Property Studies is a part-time 4-year degree course run by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, in partnership with DIT Bolton Street.  Aimed at busy property professionals who wish to gain a recognised qualification – and competitive edge – in today’s challenging and evolving market, this unique course offers a flexible approach to learning.

 Students who wish to leave the course after two years study will be entitled to receive an exit award at Level 6 – higher certificate – this carries 120 ECTS credits, which is the minimum academic qualification requirement set down by the Property Services Regulatory Authority to obtain a property service provider license - a “Guide to becoming a Licensed Property Services Provider” is available on the PSRA website


Subjects taught on the course include Valuations, Law, Economics, Estate Agency, Marketing, Property Management, Urban and Rural Planning, Building Construction, Financial Management, Urban Land Development. In addition, senior industry figures will attend as guest speakers presenting to students on technical and topical matters.

Entry Requirements

Students on this degree programme must be working full-time in approved property related employment. This can include auctioneering and estate agency, but also involvement in the property related functions of financial institutions, semi-state bodies and companies, the civil service, local government, property development and similar activities.

To be eligible for entry to the course, prospective candidates must:

  • hold a university degree or national diploma (at Level 7 or higher on the National Framework of Qualifications) or equivalent


  • - have successfully completed the former IAVI Residential and Land Agency course (now discontinued)


  • - have a minimum of five years’ relevant experience in the property profession and be at least 23 years old


  • - have successfully completed the former IAVI/DIT Higher Certificate in Property Studies


  • - have passed all subjects in the former IAVI Direct Final Examinations course (now discontinued)


One written papers per subject with continuous and work place learning assessment


Students can progress to a variety of level 9 programme both in DIT and in other third level colleges both nationally and internationally

Learning Outcome

Graduates of the Programme will have an understanding of the theory, concepts and methods relating to the major areas of activity encountered by property professionals, such as Valuations, Law, Planning, Building Construction and Estate Agency and Auctioneering.

The most detailed level of knowledge and understanding is in the areas of valuation and property law.

Graduates will be able to demonstrate mastery of complex and specialised skills particularly in the area of valuation of real property.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Programme will have a recognised academic qualification in Property and be well placed to take advantage of career and promotional opportunities in their chosen area of work.

Further Information

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