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Welding - Gas Shielded Welding - Metal Inert Gas/Tungsten Inert Gas (Intermediate and Advanced Level)



To enable students to achieve EN287 or ASME IX standard on gas shielded welding using the MIG and TIG processes.


Introduction, safety with regard to dress/behaviour in the workshop and on site, welding joints and positions, welding terminology, welding equipment and accessories, practical welding of the standard joints on low carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium using MIG and TIG processes. Visual and destructive testing relevant to the standards required.

Entry Requirements

Completion of DT039 or a proven high standard of welding experience and capability in MIG or TIG.  Applicants who have completed trade examinations in Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metalwork or Welding will also qualify.  Allied trades may also qualify.

Examinations / Assessments

EN287 / ASME IX Coded Welder Certificate conducted and supervised by an external awarding body on the last night of the programme.


Depending on certification achieved participants may wish to complete a more advanced test level on the same programme using a different process or test position.

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to carry our advanced welding processes on aluminium, low carbon steel and stainless steel, flat plate and thin sheet and O40mm stainless steel tube only.

Career Opportunities

Welding career in light fabrication, or sheet metal and allied industries.  Successful completion of EN287/ASMEIX Coded Welder Certificate enables the certificate holder to work unsupervised on site.