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Management & Marketing for Non-Business Graduates / Bainistíocht agus Margaíocht (do Mhic Léinn nach bhfuil Cáilíocht sa Ghnó acu)



Please note due to great demand for our programmes early applications are assessed when received and dealt with promptly.  Therefore it is advisable to make early applications for an early response. 


The programme provides the opportunity for graduates in Engineering, Science, IT, Humanities, Law and other non-business disciplines to experience an accelerated business studies programme over two Semesters of part-time studies leading to a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Marketing. You will be challenged by a full and rigorous business curriculum and by a peer group of like-minded professionals seeking to develop their business credentials. There will be a pathway to Masters level study for students achieving honours level performance.

Entry Requirements:

Minimum second class honours bachelor degree (2.2 or higher) third level NQAI level 8 qualification, or equivalent, in a non-business discipline


A minimum three years work experience in a Marketing/Business/Leadership role or function within an organisation.

Note: Due to the considerable competition for our postgraduate programmes satisfying the minimum entry requirement is not a guarantee of a place. Applications will be assessed based on your academic grades and will take into account your work/life experience. Application may also be required to attend for interview for specific programmes.

*Other applicants will be considered based on their experience, attitude and aptitude

Course Content

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This programme is delivered over one year. Two semesters are delivered in the academic year and is followed by a largely self-directed learning focus on the Management Project element. The underlying philosophy is to provide a diverse and challenging range of learning experiences in which students explore an appropriate body of knowledge drawing on their working experience.

The programme is divided into two broad areas – core business/management elements and marketing theory and practice. The modules in Semester One include Marketing Fundamentals, Contemporary Management, Introduction to Finance and Essentials of Economics. In Semester Two the programme covers Strategic Marketing Management, Consumer Insights, Doing Business Globally and Integrated Marketing Communications. In conjunction with these modules a series of seminars are held throughout the academic year.


This programme is offered on a part time basis over one calendar year. It involves two semesters of course work, participation at our Marketing Seminar Series held throughout the year and the completion of a Team Consulting Project. The programme requires attendance two evenings a week.

Who Should Apply?

Conversion Programme

This programme is aimed at the many graduates from a range of disciplines including Science, Engineering, IT, Arts and Humanities who are already working in business-related arenas and who now would like to gain a business qualification. You will be challenged by a full and rigorous business curriculum and by a peer group of like-minded professionals seeking to develop their business credentials.

Timetable / Hours

The programme is delivered two evenings a week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 6-10pm in the College of Business, Aungier Street campus, Dublin 2.  Occasional Saturday workshops/seminars.

For Further Information

Dr Lesley Murphy
School of Marketing 
College of Business
DIT Aungier Street, Dublin 2 

T: 01-402 7046

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the programme for?

This programme is aimed at the many graduates from a range of non-business disciplines including Science, Engineering, IT, Arts and Humanities who are already working in business-related arenas and who now would like to gain a business qualification. The programme delivers a comprehensive and rigorous grounding in the key business areas. You will be challenged by a full and rigorous business curriculum and by a peer group of like-minded professionals seeking to develop their business credentials.

What is the Team Consulting Project about?

The structure lends itself to participants completing a Team Consulting Project on behalf of an organization selected by the programme team. This flexible nature of the selected organisations will also allow the learner to work with a company or industry sector that is relevant to the next stage in their career.

When completed, it demonstrates the individual competence of the student as having developed insight into the practice of Management and Marketing ‘out there’ in an organisation. Through a rigorous examination of the concepts and theoretical understandings gained through the taught semesters, the learner will work in a collaborative live setting to analyse, evaluate and articulate strategic options for the selected organisation.

How will the programme be delivered?

Throughout the programme a diverse range of teaching and learning strategies will be employed. This will generally include lectures, guest lectures, case study, presentations, debate, discussion and self-directed learning in addition to group directed learning to capitalize on the student’s work-based experience as well as their diverse education at undergraduate level. It is intended to provide the students with a stimulating learning environment conducive to the attainment of the learning outcomes in each module which in turn contributes to the overall programme learning objectives.

What are the aims of the programme?

This programme is dedicated to giving non-business students a rigorous conceptual framework and a systematic knowledge and understanding of the issues that are at the forefront of management and marketing theory and practice today. Students will be provided with a rigorous intensive grounding in the core business elements and will gain a deep understanding of the contemporary issues, both internally and in the wider business environment. As such, the students will gain a deeper understanding of the diverse nature of demands from consumers, regulators and suppliers to enhance their ability to analyse issues and propose business solutions. Students will be equipped with skills and knowledge which can be immediately applied, making them work ready and change ready.


The Marketing Institute of Ireland offers a Scholarship worth 80% of the fees for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Marketing 2018-2019. All candidates for the scholarship should hold a 2.2 honours degree and have a minimum of three years work experience. candidates need to submit a CV and documentary evidence of their undergraduate qualification. In addition, candidates should submit a 1000 word essay setting out their motivation for applying for this programme, a proposed area they would like to focus on for their capstone Team Consulting Project, and why they feel they should be considered for a scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to the most suitable candidate as decided by a panel of representatives from MII and DIT on the basis of submitted documentation.

Closing date for Scholarship applications: 31 July 2018.


EU Fees *

*The fees outlined for each course are provisional and are subject to change

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What Our Graduates Say

I graduated from NCAD with a BDes in Fashion Design and started working for a well-known fashion designer.

While I enjoyed the design work I realised that if I was ever to move up in the creative industry I would need some business knowledge. With this in mind, I decided that I would go back to college to study business. I enrolled in the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Management because I was particularly interested in the marketing element of the programme having always had an interest in advertising and branding in particular. The fact that the programme was a conversion programme for non-business graduates was also a major plus, it meant that I could jump straight in an earn a business qualification.

I was a bit apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able for the programme. However this was not the case, it took some time to get my head around the new subject matter but the lecturers were excellent explaining absolutely everything and were conscious that each student had very different educational backgrounds and work experiences. It was this variation that made the classes so interesting; everyone was able to bring different experiences from their own industry to our class discussions.

As the programme progressed and we began to study some of the subjects with a little more depth I became very interested in marketing and branding in particular. During the third semester I wrote my Management Project on the use of design in branding. I found this project highly beneficial as it really cemented the idea that I wanted to change career direction from pure design to a more marketing, promotional or sales focused role.

I decided to begin looking for a relevant role as soon as I finished the programme and I was lucky enough to secure a job with a global accountancy body working as part of their marketing team, promoting their qualification to students. My new role involves marketing, promotions, sales and communications.

I am sure that without the Postgraduate Diploma I would not have been offered this job. I have been able to bring what I had learnt over the year with DIT and couple it with my experience from the design industry to the role. The PG diploma has opened a huge number of doors for me career wise, while it was hard work and took up much of my free time, it is certainly paying dividends now.

 Suzanne Acton, Student Advisor at ACCA, 2011 Graduate


I decided to do the Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Marketing in order to increase my chances of promotion within the Pharmaceutical Sales industry. Having only an undergraduate degree in Science from DCU, it was unlikely I would be able to continue up the ladder in my chosen field. I was also not eligible for many of the Business Masters courses given my lack of an undergraduate degree in business

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Marketing was a perfect fit as it was tailored specifically for graduates of non-business degrees and gives those completing it the opportunity to carry on up to Masters level or fulfill the necessary educational criteria required by their current or prospective employers.

Less than four months after completing the programme I was fortunate to have been promoted to a management position I had been working towards for a few years. It was mentioned to me by my new manager that I had developed significantly since starting the programme and that this was the deciding factor when promoting me to my new position.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this programme to others and have found it crucial in my chosen career.

Stephen Crowe, Pharmaceutical Product Manager, A. Menarini Pharmaceuticals Ireland Ltd., 2011 Graduate


With an Engineering degree and having worked as a Mechanical/Electrical Engineer for a number of years, I wanted to incorporate that experience with a qualification in the business and management field. The Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Marketing seemed ideal as it offered a chance for non business graduates to develop and acquire a more holistic view to the entire business process. Having expressed a desire to move into management within my company, I was given a unique opportunity to familiarise myself with management and marketing principles. I found modules such as management, marketing and finance particularly beneficial in developing a good foundation for my preferred career path. During the programme, with a new found ability to work and think in both engineering and business terms, I was promoted to the role of Innovation Manager.

The programme ran two evenings a week and while it included a lot of project work, the course layout was tailored to suit people with even the most demanding careers. Assignments required constant attention but were spread evenly throughout the semester, and I found the lecturers very conscious of the pressures associated with full-time employment. Initially I was concerned about how part-time education mixed with full-time employment would affect my daily routine, and having been away from study for a number of years wondered if entering a completely new field would be too much. However, once the course started and the first couple of assignments were completed I began to relish the challenge. There is a requirement for a lot of research work with each exam and assignment, so it can be quite time consuming. However, I found that once I kept on top of the course work and developed a routine, the workload was totally manageable.

Without a doubt, the course provided value for money. In fact it has probably been my most worthwhile investment to date and I found it gave my career a renewed purpose and direction.

Eugene Kenny Innovation Manager at Renley, 2012 Graduate


Coming from an event management background, I wanted to increase my knowledge of the fundamentals of marketing strategy as this theory underpins all the activities in the marketing environment. This course offered training in the foundations of marketing theory but also in the changing environment in which marketers operate today. It opened my eyes to the breadth of activities which fall under the marketing umbrella.  There were parallels between what was covered in the course and what I was working on in my role as marketing coordinator while at the same time, there were areas covered which were new to me and which I was able to incorporate into my activities at work.

This course was one of the only courses which allowed me to maintain my work commitments while ensuring I could dedicate myself fully to the course requirements.  The scheduling did not conflict with working hours with classes running from 6pm.  Going back to study was definitely a challenge. It did take a while to adjust to the classroom format of learning and interacting. While it was a steep learning curve, it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Increasing my workload through study made me very aware of time management which actually ended up improving how I was using my time both in work and at home. I would say to anyone thinking about going back to college part time that it does ask a lot of you but is definitely worth the effort.The year’s workload was spread out in such a way as to not completely overload students. The course is intensive but with proper time management I think it is a manageable workload for any student.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this course was the exposure to people who are active in the marketing environment. There were lasting relationships built among students and with lecturers which really let students expand their networks and branch into new areas.  The seminars run by DIT and the MII throughout the year featured people who are well known in marketing and who are knowledge leaders in their areas of expertise. There is no other environment in which I can imagine having access to such a knowledge-rich group of people.

Isabel Toland Marketing Coordinator Xilinx Inc, 2012 Graduate


I graduated from Trinity College with a Science degree in 2006 but began working in business which is where I had spent most of my summer holidays in part time work. Having gained experience in operations and sales, I found myself in a marketing role which I was really enjoying, more so than any previous roles. I decided that to underpin my position as a marketer I needed to gain a reputable academic qualification in the field.

I chose the DIT Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Marketing because it allowed non-business graduates to gain an all-round view of management and marketing principles. It also allowed students to exercise skills needed in business such as presentation skills, time management and working as part of a team. My own concerns before starting the course were primarily to do with how I would manage my time between study and work but I found that once a few weeks had passed, I had quickly settled in to the new routine of attending lectures and completing assignments. I was also very fortunate to have the full support of my employer and colleagues who lent their expertise when I needed it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone in the same situation as my own or indeed those looking for a role in marketing or management. Not only do many of the course lecturers have direct industry experience which gives great insight, but the course also allowed me to meet like-minded people from across a wide range of industries, many of whom I now call friends. In addition, I found the management project, albeit initially daunting, was a great opportunity to focus in on my particular area of interest.

Since completing the diploma I have progressed in my own role and now manage a cross functional team which is responsible for the marketing strategy of a key line of products. This has allowed me to apply the theory and knowledge I gained from my studies which is of great benefit to me and my employer.

Olivia Tracey, Marketing Specialist, Standard Life, 2013 Graduate