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Marketing / MargaĆ­ocht

DT344 FT

The Programme at a Glance

  • One year full-time level 9 masters programme for Non-Business graduates
  • Unique learning environment
  • 12 months duration: Two taught semesters and a research dissertation
  • Excellent career placement record
  • Applications now being accepted
  • Commences September, 2019


This conversion programme is specifically aimed at non-business graduates who wish to develop and focus their career trajectory in the business domain where the tenets of marketing are recognised as the drivers of business success.

So whether your undergraduate degree is in science, engineering and technology social sciences, communications and arts, this programme is for you.

Graduates of the programme are in high demand from marketing, media and general business arenas.

The programme is designed as an intensive conversion learning experience for non-business graduates. Due to its excellent reputation, our entrants come from a wide range of Universities from Ireland and abroad. All have found the breadth, depth and rigor of this programme to be both stimulating and challenging. In consequence, it has benefitted them greatly in developing their careers in marketing.

Entry Requirements:


A minimum second class honours bachelor degree (2.2 grade or higher) in a discipline other than business or marketing, or equivalent. Selection may be by interview. Any candidate who has prior business qualifications is ineligible for this programme and might consider enrolling on other postgraduate programmes offered by this College.

Note: Due to the considerable competition for our postgraduate programmes satisfying the minimum entry requirement is not a guarantee of a place. Depending on the programme of study applications will be assessed based on your academic grades and may also take into account your work/life experience. Applicants may also be required to attend for interview for specific programmes.

Please note. If you do not yet have your final degree results this will not hinder your application as we are happy to issue conditional offer letters in such circumstances.

Where Can I Go from Here?

Career Opportunities are excellent for graduates of the MSc Marketing. Graduates are employed in international companies such as Microsoft, Google, Linkedin and Facebook in marketing roles. The local marketing and media industry snap up graduates to work as account managers and account executives, brand managers, and customer analysts in companies such as Cybercom, Danone, and graduates have being accepted onto much-sought-after graduate programmes such as the Jameson Graduate Programme, Enterprise Ireland’s Graduate Programme and IBEC’s European Orientation Programme.

Programme Structure and Content


In Semester Oneyou will study all the fundamental business modules such as Management, Marketing, Finance and Marketing Communications. Such accelerated learning is designed to give you the conceptual tools needed to analyse business situations and to undertake business planning. In all areas, we take a hands-on approach so that individual and group coursework accounts for 50% of the assessment for each module.

In semester Two,you will engage more closely with specialist marketing modules such as Marketing Metrics, Strategic Management and Online marketing. These will require you to exercise your analytic and decision-making skills by means of case-study based learning.

In addition, you will make an in-depth study of two areas of marketing; these are selected from the current set of options:

  • Business-to-business Marketing
  • Management of Sales
  • International Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Communications and Society

A defining feature of the learning experience on the MSc Marketing is the completion of a primary research dissertation. The student, following an immersion in research methods in semester one, embarks on a significant learning journey culminating in the completion of a 20,000 word masters dissertation, exploring contemporary issues in marketing theory and practice. The student receives the support of an academic supervisor throughout the research process. Examples of recent students work can be seen here:

MSc Marketing Top Dissertations 2012

MSc Marketing Top Dissertations 2013

MSc Marketing Top Dissertations 2014

MSc Marketing Top Dissertations 2015

MSc Marketing Top Dissertations 2016

MSc Marketing Top Dissertations 2017


Graduates of the course are eligible for the award of Masters of Science (Marketing) of TU Dublin. 

For Further Information

Roger Sherlock,
Head of Department of Marketing Studies,
School of Marketing 
College of Business

T: +353 1 4027033

Alternatively contact the School of Marketing

T: +353 1 4027031

Frequently Asked Questions

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What our Graduates Say 

The decision to return to university as a postgraduate was daunting. Before starting out in the Masters in Marketing, I had an undergraduate degree in Music and little understanding of business. However, I needn’t have been worried! From the very first day of the course, it was clear that we would be well looked after. The lectures are comprehensive and engaging, and are designed with the understanding that students have a non-business background.

In semester one, the foundations of business are laid through modules such as finance, management and marketing. Semester two builds on what you have learned in semester one and enables you to deepen your marketing knowledge through more specialised modules. One thing I really liked about the course was the fact that it is tailored towards giving you knowledge that is relevant and important in today’s marketplace; modules such as online marketing and marketing metrics are evidence of this. Additionally, a large part of this course is the completion of a dissertation. Whilst this initially seemed to me like a daunting task, I found it to be an extremely enjoyable experience as it gives you a chance to explore a specific area of marketing that is of interest to you, and gain in-depth knowledge on the topic.

The student support from each lecturer across each module was absolutely fantastic! Lecturers are always on hand to answer any questions you have, and are very approachable and supportive. TU Dublin is unique in that it gives students the opportunity to undertake partnership projects with leading companies in Ireland, which gives students invaluable practical experience in the industry. I found the group assignments and presentations very rewarding, and a lot of fun! These assignments allowed us to develop our interpersonal and communication skills, and to really get to know each other as a class. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and have made friends for life.

The MSc in Marketing at TU Dublin has provided me with a wonderful foundation on which to develop my career in Marketing. If you are considering changing your career path and pursuing this course, I highly recommend it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Lianne Pierce DT344 Photo for Testimonial

Lianne, pictured here, received three academic awards for her performance; the College of Business Academic Excellence Award, 2017, the Pat O’Brien Memorial Award for achieving first place on the MSc Marketing and Philip R Flood Memorial Award for best dissertation on the MSc Marketing.

Lianne Pierce, MSc Marketing Graduate 2017


One of the initial things which drew me to the MSc in Marketing in DIT was the fact that it was a conversion programme. Coming from a Communications background I had little or no business experience so I felt that this course would be perfect for me.

I found the MSc in Marketing course structure to be very well balanced from practical, to theoretical to group work and problem based learning. While covering the imperative aspects of marketing this programme also covered the fundamental areas of business such as finance and management. The structure of the course also allowed me to explore the areas of marketing which I found personally appealing. The choice modules I chose were; International Marketing and Management of Sales which are directly related to my current job. My learnings throughout the program definitely helped me articulate my business acumen and commercial curiosity throughout all recruitment and interview processes.  I found that the program placed particular emphasis on real companies and businesses, which gave me direct exposure to industry leaders throughout various projects and assignments. With little working experience before this course, this was something which I feel benefited me in a competitive job market.

In August 2016 I left my role in Ryanair as a CRM Executive in their marketing department, after securing a place in the Ornua graduate programme. I was subsequently offered a position as a Sales and Marketing representative based in San Francisco for their Northern California region in the US .  With my new role I will be working with Kerrygold and the best of Irish dairy as a sales and marketing rep and brand ambassador in one of Ornua’s largest export markets.

The MSc in Marketing ultimately helped me get to the position I am in today and gave me every opportunity to launch my career in the industry I was most passionate about. Each module, provided me with essential, transferable skills which have allowed me to excel in all aspects of my job spec. Throughout this program the faculty were always extremely welcoming, approachable and genuinely enthusiastic about helping students grow and to achieve their goals. The skills which I developed throughout this course helped me grow not only as an academic, but as a professional and as an individual overall.  I would not hesitate to recommend this course and cannot emphasise enough how influential the course and lecturers were in helping me pave the way to a successful career. The MSc in marketing was truly a positive experience from start to finish and choosing this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Katie Kilbride, MSc Marketing Graduate 2015, Sales and Marketing Graduate – Northern California, Ornua North America

In September 2014, I arrived to DIT Aungier Street full of anticipation and uncertainty about what the next 12 months may look like. Having studied English and History at undergraduate level, subjects such as Finance or Strategic Management intimidated me to no end!

On reflection, the most valuable lessons learned during this course are not limited to academic reward. The concentration on group projects taught me multiple people and organisational skills, which have proved invaluable in my career trajectory. When faced with the unfamiliar territory of Project Based Learning, your ability to work within a team will be challenged beyond belief! I opted for the Management of Sales stream, within which Lecturer Laura Cuddihy was invaluable to a positive semester two experience. In my current role, I frequently rely on the knowledge gained during this PBL module.

Overall, choosing to study this MSc course at DIT has allowed me to gain a high level of marketing and business knowledge, as well as a wealth of transferrable skills. What seemed impossible was made possible and put within my reach thanks to the dedicated lecturers and well thought out subject structures. I would not hesitate to recommend this MSc Marketing and DIT as an excellent choice for continued study.

Ciara McGowan, Associate Account Strategist, Google, MSc Marketing Graduate, 2015


In 2013 I graduated from a very broad, non-business undergraduate with not much interest in pursuing it as a profession. However, it’s modules in marketing and communications spurred an interest in business which lead to my application for DIT’s MSc in Marketing. Although the work load was a shock at first, knowing its content was so applicable to what I wanted career-wise made it surprisingly enjoyable. The range of subjects taught ensures that its students are well-versed in both the theoretical and practical elements of marketing, covering everything from consumer behaviour to the design and execution of online campaigns. It also involves a lot of group projects, which make team-work development and making friends part and parcel of the course. Its assignments allowed me to integrate the creative skills I’d picked up in my undergraduate with a strong business orientation, increasingly their employability in the jobs market in general and the marketing world in particular. 

DIT’s MSc in Marketing was an invaluable step in focusing my education and career-path and introduced me to some friends for life. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to venture into business from an unrelated background, and believe its scope leaves its students more than prepared to excel in a multitude of dream jobs.

Eve Maguire, MSc in Marketing Graduate 2014


Choosing to pursue a career in Marketing, with absolutely no business background, was certainly a daunting one! Thankfully I have never looked back and I have DIT to thank for that. The MSc in Marketing in DIT manages to provide students with the fundamentals of business and marketing while also pushing them to excel in this field. The course is extremely well designed to allow the students to get a grasp of new concepts in semester one, such as background to marketing, marketing communications and finance., while in semester two the modules build on this and adapt a more hands on, practical element, such as digital marketing and strategic management. I really enjoyed the MSc in Marketing and I felt that the group work and case study based assignments really prepared me for the real working world. I felt genuinely prepared when going for interviews, based on the knowledge I had gained throughout the year. Now that I have started working in a marketing role, I also feel very well equipped to carry out my job.The lecturers and teaching staff are second to none and their approachable manner definitely made DIT a very easy environment to study in, not to mention that they made classes and projects enjoyable and fulfilling. Throughout the Masters there was a strong emphasis put on companies and industries, including guest speakers from some of the best businesses in Ireland. I believe that this makes this Masters very relevant and applicable when interviewing for jobs. As part of the Masters, all students must complete a Research Dissertation, and while originally this is something I was dreading, it was in fact perhaps one of the most beneficial and enjoyable elements of the course. Students have the opportunity to choose to research almost any area of marketing that they wish and therefore it is a perfect chance to fine tune your knowledge of a particular subject that you are interested in. I would have no problem recommending the MSc in Marketing to anybody who is serious about following a career path into the business world and I would remind anybody considering this Masters, not to be daunted by the prospect of embarking on an entirely new career path – you won’t regret it!

MSc Marketing Testimonial – Neasa Forde, M Sc Marketing Graduate, 2013, working as Food & Beverage Marketing Graduate, Glanbia


I graduated in 2008 with a non-business degree, a sore head after the celebrations and not a clue about what to do next! I was fortunate enough to land a junior Marketing role for an Irish travel company and it became apparent to me very early on that this is what I wanted to do. I made the decision to return to education after three years of working full time because I wanted to progress in the field of Marketing and I felt that the best way for me to do this was to gain a qualification to accompany my experience to date.

The MSc in Marketing was the obvious choice for me; it catered for non-business graduates and came highly recommended by a number of people in business that I sought advice from. Reading the course content, my initial thoughts were that the module mix was superbly rounded and that I would find the course incredibly interesting. The learning I gained by completing the MSc in Marketing however was even more than I had anticipated. I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of academic learning and practical experience that included preparing a Sales and Marketing strategy for an Irish company, conducting market research in a specific industry and implementing a Google Ad-word and social media campaign for an existing company. I benefitted hugely from these exercises and brought this knowledge with me into my current role.

I was really impressed with the links to industry demonstrated by the staff at DIT and the opportunities that the college provided students with by hosting speakers from Irish and international companies with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Lecturers were very engaging in their teaching methods as well as being friendly and approachable throughout the year providing support if and when needed. I personally really appreciated the efforts of the staff at DIT to get to know their students and to help out where they could.

The MSc in Marketing opened a lot of doors for me and has allowed me to progress to the next level professionally. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course and DIT. I do however feel compelled to warn prospective students not to enter into the MSc Marketing too lightly! This is a highly intensive course with a huge workload but if you are willing to put in the hard work and you are serious about wanting to excel in the world of marketing then no doubt you will benefit enormously from completing the MSc in Marketing.

Caroline Kelly, Marketing Executive, Thomas Cook Ireland
Graduate 2012, MSc in Marketing


The MSc Marketing programme at DIT was a natural choice for me following from an Arts degree. The faculty understood that I did not have a business background and gave me the tools and education I needed to excel in a career in marketing.

Semester one intensively laid the foundations for the specialist knowledge I would gain in semester two where I was afforded the opportunity to choose the subjects that would benefit me in my chosen career. I chose to study International Marketing and Online Marketing. All modules were well taught and interesting as well as contemporary and practical in terms of building relevant knowledge for my career.

The skills that I learned during the MSc Marketing were directly transferable to my first job as a Marketing Assistant in Sage Ireland and also contributed to my quick progression to the position of Digital Marketing Specialist. This course is for the driven and ambitious career focused individual and turns out well rounded, highly educated marketing graduates.

Victoria Graham, Graduate 2011, MSc in Marketing
Digital Marketing Lead at one of Europe's biggest managed service providers; Claranet, London


Having graduated from the M Sc Marketing in DIT in 2009, I launched my career in the digital world as an Online Advertising Strategist, advising and dealing with many SME's and digital agencies across the UK and Ireland. Coming from a non-business undergraduate background, I wanted a thorough introduction to core business subjects as well as a practical but solid understanding of Marketing.

The M Sc Marketing provided me with fantastic insight into both the practical and theoretical aspects of Marketing but most importantly I valued the time, dedication and friendly support provided by faculty staff who made an effort to understand our personal goals and ambitions - I wasn't just another student number!

The structure of the programme allowed me to pursue my interest areas, especially Online Marketing which is such a crucial element of Marketing in the current climate yet lacking in many other courses of the same calibre. Our assignments often involved tackling real-life business problems, including practical aspects such as group work and presentations. These have since proven to be essential elements in acquiring my job and progressing my career.

Sara Fogarty, Agency Strategist, Google.