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Banking & Finance (International)



Please note due to the great demand for our programmes early applications are assessed when received and dealt with promptly. Therefore it is advisable to make early applications for an early response. If you do not yet have your final degree results this will not hinder your application as we are happy to issue conditional offer letters in such circumstances.

Applications are invited for this intensive two years full-time programme for finance graduates wishing to pursue a career in the financial services industry or a career in the finance function. Semester 3  of the taught Programme must be taken in the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow.  All Modules are taught through English. Students may study for longer than one Semester in the Financial University but must study for at least One Semester in each Institution in order to be eligible for a Dual Award.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants should have an honours bachelor degree (II.2) or higher with finance constituting a major part and will be assessed as to their general suitability.

Note: Due to the considerable competition for our postgraduate programmes satisfying the minimum entry requirement is not a guarantee of a place. Depending on the programme of study applications will be assessed based on your academic grades and may also take into account your work/life experience. Applicants may also be required to attend for interview for specific programmes.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the programme will be equipped to work in a number of areas in the financial sector in an international context. Graduates will have a strong exposure to the financial markets and to market instruments. A deep understanding of the workings of the financial markets and financial instruments in the Russian Federation will be an integral part of this degree.  Graduates will be equipped to work in roles where analysis of financial and economic information is required, corporate finance type roles in a wide variety of organisations. They would also be equipped to carry out econometric analysis in a research support role in a financial institution. While most students are expected to enter the programme with a view to launching a successful career in the international banking and finance industry, others may wish to use it as a stepping stone to later obtain a PhD.

Course Content

Semester 1

Corporate Finance

Derivatives I


Financial Statement Analysis

International Capital Markets

International Finance 1


Semester 2

Derivatives II

Econometrics including Time Series

Financial Asset Valuation

International Finance II

Research Methods


Semester 3


Banking and Financial Institutions

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Consulting Project

International Investment



Semester 4



Aungier Street , Dublin 2 and the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Leningradski Prospekt, Moscow.

Timetable / Hours

Available soon.


Graduates will be eligible for the award of MSc in International Banking and Finance of the Dublin Institute of Technology and the award of M Sc in International Banking and Finance of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow.

For Further Information

Dr Ruth Casey

T: +353 1 402 3209


Frequently Asked Questions

EU Fees*

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What our Students say...

Jun Sun DT359A MSc International Banking & Finance

My name is Jun Sun, a graduate of the M Sc International Banking and Finance Programme, (DT359A). This Programme afforded me the opportunity to study in two different countries and experience the academic environment of two distinctive academic communities. After completing two Semesters of study in DIT, Dublin, I studied for one Semester in the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow.  This was a very special study experience for me as a Chinese student. I now have the advantage of receiving a Masters qualification in Finance from both Institutions and know that this will give me a great lift as I now am entering the career market in international banking.

In the first year of this program I got a very good grounding in Corporate Finance, International Finance and related topics. In addition, students were taught valuable software for use in financial decision making such as Stata and Eviews. Our lecturers were very conscientious and responsible, the studying atmosphere in our college was very positive, and we students helped each other through group teams in project work and presentations. My Dissertation was informed by academics from both Dublin and Moscow.  I also have learned a lot of banking related theories knowledge in Finance University and studies a Module in philosophy. Finally, many thanks for my all lecturers and classmates for the help of my study. This was an amazing studying experience in my life.

Yawei Zhou,  Jun Sun and Yuanmi Zhou,    Moscow 2016


Yuanmi Zhou, DT359A MSc International Banking & Finance

It was a great experience to have studied in both Ireland and the Russian Federation. This programme has a very precise system which affords learning, not only in the area of Finance, but also international banking. The travelling expanded my horizon both from an education and career point of view. I think studying in two different countries and learning through two different kinds of education system will help me a lot in my future career given the global nature of both banking and finance. There are many great lecturers who are very professional in both DIT and the Financial University. This was a great multicultural experience. I highly recommend this programme.

Yuanmi Zhou, Graduate of MSc International Banking and Finance.

(Pictured above) Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow