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Technology and Innovation Management / Bainistíocht Teicneolaíochta agus Nuálaíochta

DT384 FT

Programme Introduction

This conversion programme is targeted at science, engineering and technology graduates who have an interest in developing an innovation, management and commercial perspective on technology, and/or who wish to pursue management careers in a technology focussed industry.

Innovation and Technology are key drivers of competitive advantage and long-term success for companies in today’s global knowledge economy. This programme aims to meet an important skills gap identified in Irish industries, by providing opportunities for technology, science and engineering graduates to develop a broad set of business, management, innovation and commercialisation tools. Upon completition of the programme the graduate will emerge as a technology leader with a strategic perspective on organisational issues and challenges. 

In this context the programme objectives are as follows:

  • Provide perspectives, concepts, and tools to anticipate challenges and seize opportunities presented by global technological change;
  • Provide graduates from different functional areas and perspectives with an understanding of the nature and process of technological innovation;
  • Develop a common business language so managers and technologists can work together on technological processes within their organisation;
  • Understand international and cross-cultural management perspectives and processes vis-à-vis technology development and innovation;
  • Understand and integrate the commercialisation of technology and management of business operations;
  • Utilise the linkages between technologies and organisational strategies to create value for the customer and competitive advantage for the organisation;
  • Develop an understanding of the innovative and competitive value that can be achieved through better supply chain management, outsourcing  and business partnerships; and
  • Develop the knowledge and skill set required to manage development projects.


Entry Requirements:

Potential candidates seeking admission to the programme will hold a minimum 2.2 award in an honours bachelor degree in science, engineering or technology. Business graduates are not eligible to apply. A suitable candidate, who is not a graduate, but is a graduate member of, for example, the Institute of Engineers of Ireland, or of equivalent status in a similar professional engineering or scientific Institution, may be eligible for consideration for admission.

Potential candidates who do not have the above qualification or accreditation, but have achieved some third level qualifications and have extensive practical experience many be considered a non-standard entrant to the programme.

NOTE: Due to the considerable competition for our post-graduate programmes, satisfying the minimum entry requirement is not a guarantee of a place. Depending on the programme of study application will be assessed based on your academic grades and may take into account your work/life experience. Applicants may also be required to attend for interview for specific programmes.

Programme Structure

Delivered on a full-time basis over twelve months, the programme is designed in three distinct stages. The first semester of the programme exposes the participants to key management functions relevant to industry. Whilst the second stage not only advances knowledge within specific technology management contexts, it also advances learning by adopting a more strategic and corporate level of analysis, focusing on key management challenges for the technology sector.

Diagram of Programme Structure 2013

The third stage of the programme is the completition of a major management-learning focused group consulting project. The Professional Development Module, which runs over the three semesters, prepares the students for their consulting project and their future career.

Masters in Technology and Innovation Management*

Semester 1:



Semester 2:





Finance for Management  Decision Makers


Technology Management

Innovation Management


Strategic Entrepreneurship

Strategic Management


Understanding & Leading Organisations

Project Management


Operations Management

Business Research Methods


Strategic  Supplier Management (including outsourcing)

Semester 3:        Concludes  September

Professional Development Module

Group Applied Consultancy Project

* please note: modules / programme subject to change

Programme Benefits:

Taking account of international best practice, the programme has been developed specifically to address the needs and interests of individuals with technology backgrounds who wish to pursue management and commercial options in their career paths. It is specifically targeted at those wishing to develop a firmer grounding in the managerial and leadership issues facing today's complex organisations, thereby creating an ideal opportunity to develop practical inter-disciplinary leadership and managerial skills. Designed to meet the accelerated demands of fast track professionals, the programme provides many benefits. Participants will:

  • Enhance their knowledge and skill of a wide range of management, innovation and operational areas
  • Enhance their ability to work effectively as part of a cross functional team
  • Gain a broad business perspective with enhanced management and critical thinking skills they can apply in real-life business situations
  • Take advantage of the collective professional experience of every participant and the instructors, through a rich array of learning methods
  • Experience the real world through a range of guest speaker workshops, from leading innovators in their business disciples

Management in technology industries require a unique combination of technical, management, and business abilities.  Graduates of the programme will have enhanced management and commercial career prospects across technology based industries, thus filling an identified skills gap in the jobs market with job opportunities in a broad range of sectors, including technology and communication organisations. 


This advanced programme explores the latest business and management thinking, examining how this relates to the current business environment. Assignments are designed to enable participants, with key management tools which can be applied in the workplace, an understanding of how best to use these within their organisation. A range of learning strategies are employed , including action learning, case studies, practice based assignments, debates and guest speakers. Project work, including group activities are essential components of the programme.


The programme takes place at the TU Dublin, Aungier Street Campus 

Key features

  • A Major Group Consulting Project
  • Career focussed learning and delivery
  • Professional Development 


Graduates will be eligible for the award of MSc in Technology and Innovation Management of TU Dublin- City Campus.


For Further Information

If you are interested in the programme and would like to discuss a possible application, please contact:

Declan Allen
School of Management 
College of Business
TU Dublin Aungier Street,
Dublin 2
T: +353 1-4023030 

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