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Human Resource Management / BainistĂ­ocht AcmhainnĂ­ Daonna


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DT398A MSc in Human Resource Management Brochure 

This new MSc in Human Resource Management level 9 programme, located at DIT Aungier Street, draws on the acknowledged excellence of the staff at DIT in this disciplinary area. The programme is offered by the School of Management which has a close working and collaborative relationship with the key professional body, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD UK & Ireland) and the programme is structured in line with CIPD professional requirements. 

This programme fully accredited by CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)

Programme Aim

The MSc in Human Resource Management provides an intellectual formation and path to personal development and career advancement which equips graduates of the programme with a comprehensive understanding of the philosophies and theoretical perspectives which inform sound Human Resource Management practice. The graduate will be provided with the wide-ranging knowledge and skills necessary to commence or advance their career as a Human Resource Management professional in a national and international context.  Students who complete the programme will have a rigorous conceptual framework and a systematic knowledge and understanding of the issues that are at the forefront of Human Resource Management theory and practice today.

Programme Objectives

  1. To apply Human Resource Management processes and functions to real Human Resource Management situations as well as general business operation issues.
  2. To develop graduates with high levels of professional competence and skill in Human Resource Management.
  3. To facilitate the student’s ability to transfer acquired knowledge and skill to the Human Resource Management work and research environment.
  4. To raise the student’s knowledge and competence in Human Resource Management to the level of strategic decision making and critical analysis.
  5. To provide the graduate with the research skills necessary to complete quality primary research in the Human Resource Management area.

Entry Requirements:

The programme is aimed at graduates who have already obtained a bachelor degree in a cognate discipline (including HRM, business, psychology, sociology and law) who have achieved an honours grade (2.2) or higher, with work experience are eligible to apply. Candidates with ordinary level degree qualifications in cognate disciplines and appropriate work experience may also be considered as non-standard applicants and their applications will be assessed by a standing committee in the College of Business.

Programme Structure & Content

The M.Sc. in Human Resource Management is a 2 year part-time programme delivered over 5 semesters, 2 evenings per week as outlined below:

Semester 1

(15 credits - 5 credits per module)


Semester 2

(15 credits - 5 credits per module)


Semester 3

(15 credits - 5 credits per module)


Semester 4

(15 credit – 5 credits per module)


Semester 4 & 5

(30 credits)

Human Resource Management in Context

Resourcing and Talent Management

Investigating a Business Issue from a Human Resources Perspective

Performance Management




Developing Skills for Business Leadership 1


Developing Skills for Business Leadership 2

Leading, Managing and Developing People


Organisational Design and Organisation Development


Employment Law 1

Employment Law 2


Managing Employment Relations

Designing, Delivering & Evaluating Learning and Development Provision



Note: Programme and module content may be subject to change.

Each module is worth 5 credits while the full programme is worth 90 credits at Level 9 on the National Qualifications Framework.  The programme is delivered over 2 evenings per week on the Aungier Street campus while semester 5 is devoted entirely to the research project which is worth 30 credits.


Assessment is on a modular basis with a final research project.


Master of Science in Human Resource Management (level 9)

For Further Information

Dr Mary Prendergast
HOD, Continuing Professional Education,

College of Business 
DIT Aungier Street, Dublin 2

T: 01-402 3202

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