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Product Management / Bainistíocht Táirgí

DT624 / DT624A PT

Software Skillnet


Drive your career with a professional Product Management Qualification.. 

The award-winning partnership with the software technology sector has enabled the development of a curriculum which combines application to practice and learning from theory. Participants learn from live case studies, visualisation techniques and group exercises. The sharing of experiences and challenges with fellow participants from a diverse range of companies keeps the process dynamic and engaging.

Company-based assignments are embedded in coursework at both diploma and masters level. This serves the needs of the product manager in their day-to-day role by addressing live challenges in the workplace. It also generates an immediate return on investment for participating companies.

To deliver this one-of-a kind learning experience, we have brought together a unique international faculty of renowned scholars, thought leaders, bestselling authors and leading edge practitioners.

The programme is designed for... 

  • Practising product managers who have a number of years’ experience and wish to enhance their competencies and their career prospects.
  • Aspiring product managers who are working as business analysts or solutions consultants, or in product delivery and support functions.
  • Senior executives in companies seeking to establish and develop a structured product management function.
  • Product owners and those from engineering or design backgrounds who are transitioning to product management.
  • Business architects and those responsible for translating long-term strategic roadmaps into deliverables.
  • Entrepreneurs and Founders who want to leverage product management practice in building their business.

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The Postgraduate Diploma is delivered part-time over 12 months. Modules are run on two consecutive days per month from October through September. Participants finish with a company based capstone project to bring real impact to their organisation. Participants can then progress to an MSc which constitutes a continuation of the Postgraduate Diploma in Product Management. It consists of three core modules and a thesis.

Entry Requirements:

Participants must have a Level 8 Honours Degree in a cognate discipline with a minimum of a 2:2. Candidates with significant work experience but without the requisite qualifications may be considered under a Recognition of Prior Learning process.

Course Content

Postgraduate Diploma in Product Management Modules

PM Modules


1: Strategy and Business Models 2: Innovation and Technology management 3: Market and Customer analysis
Gain deep insight into the nature and strategic advantage of business models. Understand how to select and position your model in alignment with company strategy. Identify the sources and systems necessary for managing innovation. Master frameworks to select, manage, modularise and roadmap strategic technologies. Learn how to scope, plan and execute market research. Deliver detailed competitor analysis and create compelling positioning statements. Identify risks associated with particular target markets.
4: Business Case and Strategic Pricing 5: Strategic Customer Management 6: Product Planning and Process
Understand the relationship between costs, customers and competition in strategic pricing. Learn how to calculate break-even and contribution margin to underpin profitability. Understand the logic and language of sales including prospect qualification, the funnel, the process and key account  management. Develop frameworks to select, manage and motivate channel partners. Gain a systematic understanding of new product development processes and tools. Learn how to prioritise projects and resources from selection
through to execution and launch.
7: Structured Project Management 8: Team Leadership and Change Management 9: Strategic Negotiation and Communication
Build realistic plans and execute them within budget through clearly defined goals and effective tracking mechanisms. Manage boundaries through mastery of your workload, resources and time. Research and diagnose issues relative to maximising product team output and job satisfaction. Understand processes that support effective change management within the organisation. Learn how to listen effectively, make presentations and negotiate with customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.
Applied Project 
 The capstone project involves the compilation of a Strategic Product Plan, an Innovation Audit or a Product Lifecycle Review for the company. 60 Credits at Level 9 on the National Qualifications Framework

Masters of Science in Product Management modules

1: Globalisation and Strategy 2: Research Methods 3: Design Thinking
Advance knowledge and understanding of international business and the long term implications of global strategy development and implementation.  Develop systematic enquiry and analytical rigor in product management. Testing and generating theory through empirical research. Employ design methods to match market needs with technological feasibility. Balancing business strategy, customer value and market opportunity.
Students will conduct a major dissertation throughout the year. This will be of direct relevance to the company and will deliver business impact through targeted engagement with product management theory and practice. 30 Credits at Level 9 on the National Qualifications Framework


How do I apply?

To apply for the programme, visit Technology Ireland Software Skillnet

Contact: Dr. Claire McBride 

Programme fees

The programme fee for Year 1 is €6,600, participants attain a Postgraduate Diploma Award. On completion of the Diploma, participants can progress to a further year of study to achieve a Masters of Science Degree in Product Management, the fee for Year 2 is €4,000.

Grant aid for Companies through Technology Ireland Software Skillnet

Enterprises are eligible for grant support through the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet as outlined below. Subsidised fees are shown below as a guide. Participants can confirm eligibility through the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet office.

  Year 1 Year 2
Programme Fee €6,600 €4,000
Grant Aided Fee
€4,950 €3,000 
TU Dublin Award  Postgraduate Diploma in Product Management 

Master of Science in Product Management

Among the 110 companies who’ve participated


PC Companies


What our Students Say....

“ The programme gave me the skills to effectively balance product
management effort between discovery, design and delivery, as well as influencing my
colleagues to achieve the right outcomes in an inclusive and collaborative way.”

Aoife McGivern
Manager, Product Management

“Completing the Masters in Product Management was a turning point in
the development of my critical thinking and strategic management skills.”

Macdara Butler
Head of Digital Experience
OpenJaw Technologies

“The lecturers include some of the world’s leading authorities
in product management. Now I have the knowledge
and the frameworks to back up whatever approach I am
recommending, whereas before I might have just
gone with gut instinct.”

Aidan Kenny
Head of Product
Smartbox Group

“The application of programme learning to live challenges in the workplace
delivered immediate benefits for me and my employer. Among the many 
concepts that I was introduced to, business modelling and portfolio mapping were applied with great results.”

Mark Hill
Vice President
Product Management and Design
Kitman Labs

About Technology Ireland Software Skillnet

Technology Ireland is an association within Ibec, which provides a powerful united voice for the digital and software technology sector.

In support of Technology Ireland’s vision to secure Ireland’s position as a global leader in the sector, Technology Ireland Software Skillnet provides support for software and technology companies to upgrade knowledge and skills and enhance business performance.

Through a collaboration of companies in academic partnership with the College of Business at the Dublin Institute of Technology, the industry is now driving the development of product management professionalism as a key strategic asset for software enterprises. 

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. Supported by the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.