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Software Technology (Applied) / TeicneolaĆ­ocht BogearraĆ­ (Feidhmeach)


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MSc in Applied Software Technology Brochure DT340A

ICT Ireland Federation is offering a one year, full-time Masters in Applied Software Technology which will be free to participants and include a three month paid internship with the company.

It offers an integrated approach to delivering end to end software development skills. From computing fundamentals and software design to implementation and testing, the entire lifecycle of software development is covered. The programme focuses on the practical problem-solving skills required for software engineering. Programme participants will also gain an integrated and critical knowledge of the skills and particular technologies used in ICT product development today.

Screening and selection of candidates will take place during the Spring-Summer 2017 and places will be offered from July, with the programme starting in early September 2017.

Entry Requirements:

The programme is geared primarily to unemployed graduates who are Irish or EEA nationals.

Candidates should preferably have at a 2.1 Honours Primary Degree in a relevant cognate discipline. This category includes (but is not limited to) Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Data Networking etc. but qualified applicants from any disciplinewith significant content in Maths, Problem Solving, Logic and Critical Thinking will receive consideration. Each application will be considered on its individual merits.

Further Information

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Fees and Funding

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