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Pharmaceutical Validation Technology / Teicneolaíocht Bailíochtaithe Cógaisíochta (Jan intake)

DT9279 Jan PT


Please note due to the great demand for our programmes early applications are assessed when received and dealt with promptly. Therefore it is advisable to make early applications for an early response. If you do not yet have your final degree results this will not hinder your application as we are happy to issue conditional offer letters in such circumstances.

This course is designed to provide education at postgraduate level in aspects of pharmaceutical validation technology to scientists, engineers and other professionals who operate in the pharmaceutical industry.

Entry Requirements:

Honours bachelor degree in chemistry or related discipline at 2:2 grade or higher or equivalent qualification. Applicants for the part-time course should be employed in a relevant industrial sector. Selection may be by interview.

Note: Due to the considerable competition for our postgraduate programmes satisfying the minimum entry requirement is not a guarantee of a place. Depending on the programme of study applications will be assessed based on your academic grades and may also take into account your work/life experience. Applicants may also be required to attend for interview for specific programmes.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the course are well equipped to take up positions as validation professionals and managers in the pharmaceutical and related industries.

Course Content

  • Process Validation - general
  • Process Validation - Primary/Bulk /API
  • Process Validation - Secondary/Finished
  • Process Validation - Aseptic and Biotechnology
  • Analytical Method Validation
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Equipment Qualification - general
  • Equipment Qualification - Utilities
  • Equipment Qualification - Non Aseptic
  • Equipment Qualification - Aseptic and Biotechnology
  • Computer Systems Validation
  • Packaging Validation

For Further Information

Dr Anne Greene
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Sciences and Health
DIT Kevin Street
Dublin 8

T: 01 402 4909
F: 01 402 4948

MSc Administrator

Patricia Lyons E: T: 01 402 4879

Conversion Programmes

The School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at DIT run four Masters programs designed to provide a bridge for students who have qualified in science disciplines to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical and related industries.  Students interested in Quality Assurance can choose DT233 and DT237 which are offered on a full time or part time basis respectively.  See course descriptions below and links to further information.

These programmes are offered as CONVERSION programmes specifically aimed at science graduates interested in a career in the Pharmaceutical or related industries.  So whether your original degree was in science on the one hand, or engineering and technology on the other, you are equally likely to benefit. Due to its excellent reputation, our entrants come from a wide range of Universities from Ireland and overseas and represent all science disciplines. Each year we also have a small number of International students from both within and outside the EU. All have found the breadth, depth and rigor of this programme to be both stimulating and challenging.  In consequence, it has benefitted them greatly in developing their careers.

For more information see course summaries below or the School website at:

DT233 MSc Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Biotechnology - (Full-Time)

This programme is offered on a one year full—time basis followed by a 6 months industry based dissertation. It is designed to provide a bridge for graduates with a degree in science or related disciplines to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical sector. The programme offers a broad based curriculum covering aspects of quality assurance, auditing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical science and biotechnology.

DT237 MSc in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Regulation - (Part-Time)

This programme is offered on a two year part-time basis. It is designed to consolidate, supplement and enhance the knowledge and experience of graduates currently employed in the pharmaceutical sector. It is aimed at those wishing to further their studies in aspects of quality assurance, regulation and validation.

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