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Find an Undergraduate Course

Choose from over 200 undergraduate programmes.

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Why TU Dublin?

From industry placements to small class sizes, TU Dublin can offer you so much. Read more about the best courses delivered by leading academics in their fields.

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How to Apply

Whether applying through the CAO system or considering other options, we?re here to help. Find out what you need to know about submitting your application on time.

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Open Days

Our Open Days will give you an insight into life at one of Ireland?s leading colleges. Find out when the next one is on?

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Fees & Grants

When it comes to fees and grants, all the information you need is right here. Find out all about fees and see if you are eligible for any grant assistance and so much more.

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Information for Career Advisors

As a guidance counsellor, your role is a very important one in the life of any prospective third level student. Through your insight and knowledge, they will gain a clear understanding of what courses are available and what careers they might lead to.

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