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Entry Requirements

Now that you?ve found the course that?s right for you, it?s time to find out if you meet the entry requirements.

Our entry requirements reward academic achievement as well as taking into account your individual circumstances. See below for which option suits you. 

Leaving Certificate 

  • Admission to DIT undergraduate programmes for Leaving Cert Students is based on the CAO System
  • You will need to meet the required points and the Minimum Entry Requiremnts

  • Unlike some universities, Mimimum Entry Requirements for DIT are diferent for each course. The M.E.R for each programme are listed on the course's webpage. Click the link to see all of our programmes in one place. View Undergraduate Programmes

  • The points for each course can go up or down each year. The points are announced on the same day that offers are released in Mid August. 

QQI Level 5 (Formerly called FETAC or PLC)

  • Information on QQI/PLC Level 5 (eligibility, how to apply, closing date, etc) CLICK HERE

You can click here for information on eligibilty requirements for HEAR, DARE eligibility. 

QQI Level 5 Access Entry Route

DIT recognises the role of higher education in providing benefits to individuals & communities and is committed to ensuring that people and communities experiencing educational disadvantage are supported in accessing higher education. 

  • To find out more about Access CLICK HERE
  • Information on QQI/PLC Level 5 access Entry routes (eligibility, how to apply, closing date, etc) CLICK HERE