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GCSE and A level

At DIT, we also welcome applications from students who have completed their GCSE or A Level exams.

General Entry Requirements 

In order to meet the general entry requirements students must meet the following;

For Level 8 - Honours Degrees

6 subjects with at least 2 A Level Grades at Grade C or higher

For Level 7/6 - Ordinary Degrees/Higher Certificates

5 subjects at Grade D or higher

  • Results from any number of examination sittings may be combined to meet minimum entry requirements
  • The same subject may be included only once in any combination of results
  • All results must be at Grade D or higher
  • Applicants are scored on the basis of their best four A levels or three A levels and an AS level in a different subject from the same or preceding year. The maximum number of points that can be achieved is 600.

Note: Applicants presenting Grade E or above in one of A-Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics or Pure Mathematics will have 25 points added to their score for that subject. The bonus points will only be relevant where that subject is scored as one of the applicant’s best four subjects for points purposes. This gives a maximum possible score of 625.

In addition, applicants must meet any additional minimum entry requirements of the various programmes

Grade First 3 A-Level 4th A-Level Or AS Level
A* 180 60 -
A 150 50 30
B 130 45 25
C 100 35 20
D 65 20 15
E 45 15 10

Click below to download a PDF from CAO giving detaild info on applying with qualifications from outside the Republic Of Ireland


Important information for all GCE Applicants

  • Evidence of GCSE examinations must be supplied in order to meet minimum entry requirements
  • AS Levels must be in different subjects to those taken at A-Level
  • When sending documents, certified photocopies of certificates/statements of results produced by an Examining Board must be supplied to CAO well in advance of Round One offers – school transcripts will not be accepted
  • Applicants must also advise CAO of any previous AS and A Level awards and provide certified photocopies of certificates/statements of results produced by an examining board to support their application
  • CAO advises GCE applicants to discuss their AS Level certification process with their school. AS Level results are frequently cashed in along with A2 Level results in the final year. As a result, candidates often will not have evidence of their AS Level results until the release of their A2 Level results in August. In this instance, CAO will expect to receive electronic notification of the AS Level results provided that the applicant has supplied their correct Board, Centre number and Candidate number for all subjects that will be cashed in
  • If a school cashes in AS Level results in the same year as A Level results, applicants must enter the remaining AS Level subject carried forward on their CAO application – applicants must use the space provided for ‘Examinations to be taken’ in the Qualifications & Assessments section
  • CAO must be informed if the candidate sat any AS or A2 Level examinations at a different school

Important information regarding Brexit and EU Fees

Eligible UK students who enrol on eligible courses for the 2019/20 academic year in a third-level institution recognised for the purposes of free fees will be able to avail of the Department’s Free Fees Schemes. All UK students availing of the free fee contribution for 2019/20 will be entitled to this funding for the duration of their course.  

The position for future years will be reviewed in advance of the 2020/21 academic year.