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Central Applications Office

Application for admission to 1st year of any undergraduate programme must be made directly to the Central Applications Office or CAO


 The CAO is the only way to apply if you are

  • a Leaving Certificate Student or presenting Leaving Certificate from a previous year. 

  • a Mature Applicant. (23 years or over on 1st January in the year you wish to begin study -No exceptions)

  • applying with High School Qualifications from another EU/EFTA country. 

  • a QQI Level 5 Student or presenting Level 5 qualifications from a previous year.

Central Applications Office

Tower House

Eglinton Street


Tel: 091 509800

Fax: 091 562344


The application form and handbook are available from CAO. The handbook should be read carefully before submitting an application.

Applications can now be submitted to CAO on-line ( The closing date for receipt of applications at the ordinary fee for EU applicants is 1st February each year.  Late applications may be made after this date but not for any of the following programmes:

Honours Degrees
Ord. Degrees & Higher Cert

The reason for the restriction in the case of the above programmes is the inclusion of Suitability Tests or other assessments as part of the selection process.  These programmes are marked 'restricted' in the CAO Handbook.