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Key Dates for your diary

Sometimes these dates may change. Keep up to date on CAO website.

20th January (17.15)

Apply online by this date to avail of the discounted fee of €25

1st February (17.15)

Normal Closing Date For Applications

5th February (12.00)

Online facility to amend course choices becomes available (€10 fee)

Before 15th February

Paper Applicants will be sent a Statement of course choices (Contact CAO if you do not receive it)

1st March (17.15)

Closing date for amending course choices.
Closing date for final completion of online HEAR/DARE forms

1st April (17.15)

Latest date for HEAR/DARE supporting documentation to arrive in CAO

1st May (17.15)

Closing Date for late applications 

5th May (12.00) 

Online Change Of Mind facility becomes available (Free) 

Before 15th May

Late Paper Applications will be sent a Statement of Course Choices (Contact CAO if you do not receive it)

Before End of May 

Statement of Application Record sent to all applicants (Contact CAO if you do not receive it)

1st July (17.15)

Change of Mind Closes 

Early July 

Round A offers for certain Non-Standard categoriesof applicants (Contact CAO if you do not receive it)

22nd July (17.15)

Exceptional closing date for late applications for those already attending a participating HEI 

Early August 

Round 0 offers for certain non-standard categories of applicants - applicants receive an offer by post, by e-mail and SMS text. 


 2018 Leaving Certificate results issued

20th August

Round 1 offers available from 06.00 online - also issued by post, email and SMS text.
Applicants who have not received an offer will receive a Statement of Application Record 

24th August

Round 1 Acceptances closing date (17:15).

29th August Round 2 offers available from 06.00 online. 

31st August


Round 2 Acceptances closing date (17:15).

Early September  

HEIs begin registration 

7th September  

Round 2 Acceptances closing date (17.15)
Acknowledgement of Acceptances posted within 3 working days.  

Early October  

Results of Leaving Certificate appeals released

14th October (17.15)

Offer Season Ends.