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Business Studies / Staidéar Gnó


What is... Business Studies?

This programme is designed to provide both a solid grounding in general business and to develop working competencies in key areas such as finance, economics and accounting. There is a wide choice in year 2 of the programme allowing the student to try out different aspects of business before making a decision to specialise.

What are my... Career Opportunities?

An excellent grounding in general business will be offered with emphasis on subjects such as Accounting, Finance and Management. While many graduates have gone directly to the workplace in a wide range of business administration settings, the majority of students (80%+) progress on to Level 8 programmes in the College of Business DIT or elsewhere.

What other options do I have after completion?

Students who have reached the appropriate level in final examinations and meet certain subject prerequisites have the opportunity to access year 2 or year 3 of Level 8 Honours degree programmes at DIT and elsewhere.

Learning Outcomes: What will I Study?

Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a broad range of business related modules including Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and Information Systems. They will be able to apply this knowledge to different environments and industries. Graduates will be employable with good communication and writing skills built into the programme. The pace of a Level 6 programme means that students will gain extensive knowledge of a wide variety of topics and be employable in those areas. Graduates are also prepared for advanced entry to a wide range of Level 8 Programmes in DIT and elsewhere. Through choosing particular modules students start the process of getting accounting exemptions from major bodies such as Chartered Accountants Ireland and ACCA.

Module Listing

Year One

  • Communication Studies
  • Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Principles of Management

Year Two

Core Subjects

  • Business Finance
  • Business Law
  • eBusiness
  • Management Accounting
  • Quantitative Techniques

Elective Subjects

Three to be taken from:

  • Business Finance
  • Business Taxation
  • Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Technology
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Supply Chain Concepts
  • Supply Chain Operations

Is there an Advanced Entry Option?

Yes. An application to any year after Year 1 is called Advanced Entry.

  • All applications are made through CAO and not directly to us here in TU Dublin. Click here to apply.
  • Closing dates for application vary. Most programmes will be open until 30th June but many programmes accept late applications.
  • Contact the School directly using details below to ask if a late application will be considered.

Are there study abroad options?

There are no study abroad opportunities in this two year certificate programme. However, students who progress from this Programme to a Level 8 Honours Degree Programme may have opportunities to study abroad in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Further Information

Eoin Langan

T: 01 402 7070 



What our Students say!

  • I found the Higher Certificate course to be very appropriate for those who are not quite sure what area of business they would like to choose. It gives a fantastic grounding as a step towards a degree qualification and / or the work environment.
  • You get a taste of all fields that you could possibly choose from within DIT, and, after two years it was clear to me that accounting was what I wanted to do. I am now in the Accounting and Finance degree and a lot of the topics I covered in the certificate have helped me in my studies for my Degree