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Construction Management / Bainistíocht Foirgníochta


What is... Construction Management?

This programme is designed for those who wish to make a career in management not only in the construction industry, but also in a wide range of growing areas such as in the sustainability, conservation and maintenance, retail and information technology management sectors.

This qualification has been accredited to the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and, over the years, has become known and recognised internationally.

What are my... Career Opportunities?

Graduates from this programme have found careers in large and small companies and across a range of occupations in both the public and private sectors, including working in sustainability, conservation, information technology, project management, and with building contractors or sub-contracting firms as Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Programmers, Planners, Contract Managers and Site Managers. Many have attained high level management positions in a wide range of areas and have gone on to become executive directors or managing directors.

What other options do I have after completion?

Students who have reached the appropriate honours standard may have access to a wide range of Masters degrees in DIT and elsewhere in Higher Education.

Learning Outcomes: What will I Study?

The primary emphasis is in the education of the manager in the construction sector and in the development of a high level of competency in managing and planning the execution of projects in the most efficient, effective and safety conscious manner.

The programme will also cover the technical aspects of construction work, including quantity surveying, land surveying, CAD and construction related IT systems such as the emerging area of Building Information System. The different material, technologies and systems used on construction sites in Ireland and abroad are reviewed, including in the growing sustainability, conservation and renovation areas.

The overall programme provides a good balance between classes and practical work. In particular, the Work Experience module in the third year of the programme allows the student to experience at first hand the challenges and opportunities of working in the industry for a whole semester. A study field trip also takes place during the second year of the programme to introduce students to the principles of building conservation in other EU states in order to expand their employment potential and options.

Module Listing

Year One

  • Construction Technology - Low Rise Buildings
  • Building Materials & Environmental Science
  • Land Surveying
  • Construction Mathematics
  • Construction Management
  • Self Development & Learning Skills
  • Graphics & Communication
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Land Surveying
  • Computers Graphics & Communication

Year Two

  • Setting out & Dimensional Control
  • Building Structures
  • Construction Management
  • Computer Aided Draughting
  • Professional Studies
  • Framed Structures
  • Maintenance & Conservation
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Financial Management for Construction
  • Estimating, Tendering & Measurement
  • Economics for Construction Managers

Year Three

  • Work Placement
  • Building Structures
  • Building Services
  • Construction Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Contract Administration
  • Legal Studies for Construction Managers

Year Four

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Project Finance
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Construction Planning
  • Sustainable Design & Building
  • Advanced Building Techniques
  • Commercial Management
  • Final Project

Is there an Advanced Entry Option?

Yes. An application to any year after Year 1 is called Advanced Entry.

  • All applications are made through CAO and not directly to us here in TU Dublin. Click here to apply.
  • Closing dates for application vary. Most programmes will be open until 30th June but many programmes accept late applications.
  • Contact the School directly using details below to ask if a late application will be considered.

Are there study abroad options?

Students have the opportunity to study in our Partner University in USA, Purdue University, or as an exchange student for one Semester.

Since the programme was developed to the status of Honours Degree in Construction (Management) and in line with the Bologna Agreement, students can apply for further postgraduate programmes abroad.

Further Information

T: 01 402 3676 (Ms Kelly Nash) 


What our Students say!

  • Having worked in the construction industry before hand and after consulting my peers I chose this course last year because this programme is a widely recognised qualification.
  • This course provides a strong emphasis in project and general management, with opportunities to be employed in diverse growing sectors of activities such as in the sustainability area
  • With my construction degree from DIT I find myself capable of fulfilling roles at a young age that traditionally required experience practitioners