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Culinary Arts / Ealaíona Cócaireachta


What is... Culinary Arts?  

This is a unique programme which reflects developments in Culinary Arts education world-wide. It combines practical reflective classes in kitchens and restaurants with an in-depth theoretical knowledge-base and the development of communication, critical thinking, problem solving and personal skills in the participants. This degree programme reflects the strong partnership between education, the individual student and the hospitality and food industries.

What are my... Career Opportunities?

There are diverse opportunities available including: culinary  event  management  in   restaurants, hotels, hospitality organisations, food & beverage management or food related retail businesses. This programme provides the qualifications, knowledge and skills required to be successful in a variety of career positions such as: Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management, Professional Chef, Entrepreneurs (owners & managers), Food Consultancy, Food Product Development, Teaching, Education, Research, Media & FoodWriting andWine promotion.

What other options do I have after completion?

Students who have reached the appropriate honours standard may have access to a range of Masters Degrees in DIT and elsewhere in Higher Education. The MSc in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development may be of particular interest.   

Learning Outcomes:  What will I Study?

The overall objective of the programme is to produce graduates capable of working effectively alongside culinary employers, employees and experts; this programme helps to develop the graduates employability and transferability into other food related operations

Module Listing

Year One

Culinary Science & Technology 1 l Culinary Information Systems  Culinary Science: l Food Safety l Food & Beverage Studies l Gastronomy 1 l Kitchen & larder 1 & 2 l Pastry 1: Pastry Confectionary l Introductory Nutrition l Internship l Introduction to Larder & Meat Technology l French Culinary l Wine Terminology

Year Two

Culinary Operations Management l Culinary Science & Technology 2 l Kitchen & larder 3 l Pastry 2 l National Internship l Introduction to Marketin l Diet, Health & Disease l Gastronomy 2 l Wine Studies 1 l Internship Food Production & Restaurant Service

Year Three

Food & Beverage Immersion l Financial & Cost Accounting l Food Product Development 1  l IndustryPlacement Gastronomy 3 l Major Hot Kitchen 1 l Major Pastry or Major Larder l Researc Methods

Year Four

Dissertation research  l Food Entrepreneurship  l Food Product Development 2  l Gastronomy 4  l Innovation Change Management & Creativity  l Occupational Health & Safety

One option subject to availability an demand from:

Major Hot Kitchen 2 l Major Pastry 2 Major Larder 2.

Two options subject to availability and demand from

Molecular Gastronomy  l Consumer Behaviour & Sociology/Sport & Exercise Nutrition  l Event Management  l Advanced Wine Studies  l Property Management, Management Training & Developme in Hospitality

Further Information  

T: (01) 402 4344 (School Office)  


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