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Culinary Science / Eolaíocht na Cócaireachta


 DT405: Student Perspective

What is... Culinary Science?

This programme is a joint degree offered by the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology and the School Of Food Science and Environmental Health. The BSc (Honours) in Culinary Science is a four year full-time programme. The programme provides graduates with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to operate as a development or concept chef for food companies engaged in food product development. The programme builds on the strong links between; food and culinary industries providing students with the opportunity to working dynamic food industries through our internship programme. Graduates of the programme will also have opportunities to work in the culinary industry as chefs, in food research and development and as food business managers.  

What are my... Career opportunities?

Major food companies are investing heavily in innovative approaches to develop novel high quality foods and need Culinary Science graduates. Currently many food businesses employ both chefs and scientists but a graduate that has skills and knowledge of both disciplines would readily gain employment as a Development Chef or Food Product Developer. The Food Industry needs to satisfy the demands of consumers requiring value added, high quality tasty and enjoyable food products. The BSc (Hons) in Culinary Science will produce graduates who will be able to satisfy the demands of Government policy, the Food Industry and Society. Graduates of the programme will have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to operate in the wider food industries or operate their own food business. 

What other options do I have after completion?

Students who have reached the appropriate honours standard may have access to The MSc in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development where graduates are highly sought after. The MSc in Food Safety Management is an attractive programme for food safety and regulatory professionals. The MSc in Environmental Health and Safety is among the most highly regarded in Ireland and attracts a wide range of industry professionals. These programmes can be accessed on a part time or full time basis. 

In additional both Schools offer PhD research opportunities for high achieving graduates. 

Learning Outcomes: What will I study?

The first two years of the programme provide students with practical skills in kitchens and food science and nutrition in our labs. The programme encourages the development of in-depth theoretical, academic knowledge and understanding of the food science and culinary arts. The kitchen skills focus on professional cookery whereas the science focuses towards food research and experimentation. A Development Chef is a highly skilled specialised individual who uses culinary skills and scientific knowledge to create unique food products.

The programme has practical hot kitchen, pastry and food science modules which have been designed to equip the food student with the knowledge and skills necessary to gain employment in the culinary or food science industries. The programme begins with modules in professional cookery – developing an understanding of how to cook and progressing to the production and development of a range of dishes and processes that are underpinned by food science and business modules.
In year three, students have the option of national or international internship (work placement) in food science and culinary arts reflecting the diversity of this BSc (Hons) in Culinary Science. Both schools have strong industry links to develop the participants’ professional and scientific skills. Years three and four focus on the everyday needs of a dynamic concept/development chef. Graduates of the programme will gain:

Skills and knowledge in the sciences and culinary arts which are fundamental to the development of novel foods and drinks.

Business and entrepreneurship skills and knowledge so they can be innovative and to aid them in setting up a food business.

The ability to appropriately judge in a number of complex planning, design, technical and/or management functions related to food products, processes and services including resources.

During a six month internship learn to act in variable and unfamiliar learning contexts; learn to manage learning tasks independently, professionally and ethically.

Advanced skills to conduct an undergraduate thesis, demonstrate decision making and use creative skills.
The specialised skills and knowledge which will allow entry into a career in the food industry as Development Chefs, Food Product Developer, or related discipline.

Module Listing 

Year One

Chemical Applications l Culinary Science & Food Technology l Food Safety l Kitchen & Larder l Computer Apps & Digital Skills l Introductory Nutrition l Pastry l  Applied Food Industry Communication l Maths for Scientists l Fundamentals of Business Management & Marketing

Year Two

Culinary Health Choices l Culinary Science & Food Technology l Diet, Health & Disease l Food & Beverage Marketing l Food Ingredients & Consumer Foods l Basic Food Microbiology l Fundamental Sensory Evaluation l Gastronomy l Introductio to Business Finance l Fundamental Molecular Gastronomy

Year Three

Food Physics l Concept Innovation & Product Design l Food Process Technology l Intermediate  Microbiolo l Introductory Food Science & Analysis l Research Methodology l Internship/Industrial Placement                           

Year Four

Intermediate Molecular Gastronomy l Lifecycle Nutrition l Food Regulatory Affairs l Food Entrepreneurship  Project/Dissertation l Two Opitions

Is there an Advanced Entry Option?

Yes. An application to any year after Year 1 is called Advanced Entry.

  • All applications are made through CAO and not directly to us here in TU Dublin. Click here to apply.
  • Closing dates for application is 17th May 2019.

Are there study abroad options?

This programme offers the learner international work experience and study exchange opportunity in year three. 

Further Information

T: (01) 402 4346 (Dr Roisin Burke, Programme Chair)

T: (01) 402 4344 / (01) 402 4340 (School Office)



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