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E-Commerce in Retailing / R-Thráchtáil sa Mhiondíoltóireacht


What is…E-commerce in Retailing?

The e-commerce in Retailing degree responds to a changing digital and social media influenced retail landscape and was developed in the context of: 

  • The changing nature of retailing resulting from the impact of Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud (SMAC) technologies  
  • The demand for graduates demonstrably equipped to work in connected, collaborative electronic retailing environments
  • The need for retail graduates with advanced social media, platform, and design skills
  • The scarcity of retail/business graduates with advanced technological competences

The programme addresses contemporary retail management needs that reflect the rapidly changing economic and technological environment. It aims to provide a broad technologically informed business education for future retail managers that reflects the changing needs of the sector.

Furthermore, the fast pace of change brought about both by technology and by Ireland’s very open economy will strongly influence the management of future retail enterprise in Ireland. Graduates who expect to find careers in these sectors will need to be competent in contemporary electronic business technologies. The curriculum reflects this by integrating modules on retailing, e-business and e-business applications and addresses the market need for technologically literate retail managers for the dynamic retail environment of the 21st century. 

Learning Outcomes/What will I Study?

The overall aim of this Level 8 Honours Degree is to produce technologically literate retail graduates capable of filling the various career roles created by an emerging retail digital omni-channel highway.

It also aims to make students sufficiently informed on a wide range of issues in the business environment and about business processes to enable them to take a holistic view of decisions arising in the planning and operation of retail activities.

They will develop competences in client side programmes and will develop an appreciation of service side programmes without developing competency on the server side.  The course will also enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge required to build and manage web and mobile applications to support e-Commerce functions through a developed understanding of agile project management methodologies suitable for managing ecommerce projects.  

It will also aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the principal operational and strategic issues involved in the overall management of ‘bricks and clicks’ retail enterprises in the context of both national and international business environments so as to enable them to be in a position to fulfil senior management roles in their future career in the retail and general business sectors.  


First year students enrolling on this programme who have obtained 500 points or more in their Leaving Certificate will be awarded a first year entrance scholarship of €1,000 in recognition of their outstanding performance in the Leaving Certificate Examination.

What are my Career Opportunities?

It is envisaged that graduates of the BSc in E-Commerce in Retailing will have a distinct workplace positioning in relation to graduates from general business and computer science programmes in the leveraging of specialist retail knowledge and technological knowhow. The opportunities for those completing this degree will be in a different field to other business disciplines in management and marketing, one in which there is high demand for online competency, skills and knowledge specific technological retailer issues.

Typical jobs envisaged which will be filled by the graduates in the BSc in E-Commerce in Retailing are shown below.

  • E-Commerce Manager/E-Commerce Project Manager
  • Online Category Manager
  • UX Designer/UI Designer
  • Website Designer/ Website Analyst
  • Website Content Manager
  • E-Commerce Technologist
  • Mobile Marketing Manager/Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager

What other options do I have after completion?

Students who have reached the appropriate honours standard may have access to a wide range of Masters Degrees in DIT and elsewhere in Higher Education.

Module Listing

Students will take both general business, retail specific and e-commerce modules. 

General Modules

  • Finance
  • Marketing & Market Research
  • Economics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Professional Development

Specialist Retail Modules

  • Retail Management
  • Retail Analytics
  • Retail Marketing
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Electronic Business, International Retailing
  • Retail Consumption
  • Store Atmospherics
  • Shopping Centre Management
  • Category Management
  • Retail Location Analysis

E-Commerce Modules

  • Electronic Retailing & Marketplace Analysis
  • Internet Technologies in Retailing
  • Programming
  • Electronic Retailing Infrastructure
  • Data Base Systems
  • Mobile & Social Commerce
  • Web-Analytics
  • Strategic ICT & E-Business  

Are there study abroad opportunities?

During the second semester of the third year, students are offered the opportunity to study in one of the College’s partner universities in the European Union or in North America where modules are delivered in the English language.

Further Information 

T: (01) 402 7057 (John Jameson)

T: (01) 402 7062 (Dr. Edmund O’Callaghan)