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Electrical Services & Energy Management / (Seirbhísí Leictreachais & Bainistíocht Fuinnimh)


What is... Electrical Services & Energy Management?

All aspects of daily life now require energy in the form of electricity, gas or oil to function. These facilities include data centres, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, large commercial buildings, sports stadiums, multi-national company’s headquarters, wind farms, large solar installations, software companies, etc. The design and installation of electrical services and management of energy consumption are vital to the initial installation and ongoing facility management.                                  

Companies now spend vast sums of money investing in their infra-structure to ensure the smooth running of their facilities. This is vital to the support the ongoing operation of their companies in a world-wide market environment. Key to the success is the electrical, lighting and energy design of their facilities, that ensure smooth operation with no interruption to their core business activities. Electrical Service and Energy Management graduates will work in design teams to deliver electrical services to buildings and will play an integral role in the ongoing operation and management of the energy facilities.


What are my... Career Opportunities?

Career opportunities are excellent. In recent years all of the graduates have gained excellent opportunities for employment or have opted to engage in research. The industrial links coupled with the work placement and the final year project mean that the BSc in Electrical Services and Energy Management is the ‘go-to’ programme for prospective employers in this sector. 

Graduates have gained employment in a diverse range of industries that includes food production, manufacturing, data centres, wind farms, and electrical consultancy.  Companies such as Intel, AECOM, Wind Prospect, ESB, ESB International, Mercury Engineering, JV Tierney and Amazon are among those who have employed our graduates, many of whom have progressed into technical management roles with high salaries.

Learning Outcomes: What will I Study?

Electrical Services and Energy Management graduates will be equipped with the fundamental engineering, management and design skills necessary to design electrical services for facilities, and manage the energy consumption within facilities. 

Graduates will have a thorough knowledge of the electrical services engineering, Which includes, safety, power distribution and information network systems, cabling/wiring systems, energy management systems and the application of such systems to various industries such as data centres, manufacturing, large commercial, multinational facilities, etc. 

Health & safety awareness and application to the design aspects within the programme, together will all relevant legislation is vital to this role. The management of these facilities is taught to the highest international standards to ensure graduates can operate and maintain large facilities.

What Other Options Do I have After Completion?

Students have the option of continued study for an MSc in Energy Management, an MPhil, which is a master’s degree by research or a PhD. All these programmes are offered full time and part-time so our students can choose to work in industry and still continue their studies.

Are there Study Abroad Options?

Students may have the opportunity of completing their final year project abroad in a European University under the Erasmus Exchange programme.

Module Listing 

Year One

  • Engineering Maths
  • Electrical Principals
  • Renewable Energy Plant
  • Electrical Services Engineering
  • Engineering Practice
  • Physics
  • Applied Data Networking
  • Engineering Professional Practice
  • Energy & the Environment

Year Two

  • Engineering Maths
  • Lighting Applications
  • Life Safety Systems
  • BIM
  • Building Services
  • Electrical Services Plant
  • Renewable Energy Plant 2
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Routing
  • Building Automation
  • Project Management

Year Three 

  • Electrical Services Design
  • Building Services
  • Electrical Services Plant
  • Building Automation
  • Services Development & Management
  • Building Energy Assessment
  • Work Placement

In year 3 of the programme students can complete work experience/study for one semester in Ireland, Germany, France, Spain or Italy

Year Four

  • Alternative Energy Systems
  • Utilisation of Electrical Energy
  • Wind Energy for Electricity Supply
  • Data Acquisition
  • Energy Management
  • Facilities Management and the Environment
  • Management, Marketing & Law
  • Energy Policy & Economics
  • Research Methodologies
  • E-Learning Techniques

Further Information

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 

T: 01 402 4573 (Dr Martin Barrett, Programme Chair) 

T: 01 402 4882 (Dr Keith Sunderland, Assistant Head) 

T: 01 402 4617 (Ms Frances Malone, Administration) 





What Our Students Say

Mark Kelly graduated from the DT712 BSc in Electrical Services and Energy Management in 2014. Job opportunities were plentiful upon completion of the Degree. Mark is currently employed as an electrical engineer with PM Group and is enrolled on a part-time Master’s degree. Projects with the PM Group include Data Centre/mission critical facilities, Waste to Energy facilities, Med Tech and Pharma projects. 

Niall McCoy graduated from the BSc in Electrical Services and Energy Management in 2010 and is now a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Energy Engineer. Currently Niall is working in the wind industry and is responsible for wind farm development in a number of countries worldwide such as Canada, USA, South Africa, UK & Ireland. To date, Niall has successfully project-managed and designed over 1.2 GW in installed wind farms. Niall is now completing his PhD in Wind Energy.

Cristina Coleman-Kenny graduated in 2012. Cristina commenced work as a graduate engineer with ESB International. Cristina is now a HV substation designer with ESB. She is also acting as Owners Engineer on behalf of ESB Networks for the construction of an Independent Processing Plant (IPP) as part of the Dublin Waste Incinerator development.