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Engineering (General Entry) / Innealtóireacht (Iontráil Ghinearálta)


What is... Engineering (General Entry)?

This 1-year programme provides a general access route to engineering programmes for those who have not decided which engineering discipline they would like to study.

On successful completion of the programme, students will have the mathematical and scientific basis to successfully enter the second year of seven different Level 7 discipline-specific programmes. In addition, in a limited number of cases, some students with proven ability may be permitted to progress to the first year of the Level 8 Engineering (General Entry) programme DT066.

This course will suit students who have an interest in technology and in solving problems in the engineering world.

Students are assessed by a combination of examinations at the end of each semester and continuous assessment projects.

What other options do I have after completion?

After successfully completing first year, students are eligible for transfer into year 2 of one of our Level 7 (BEngTech) programmes. Those who achieve a high average mark in their examinations and a high mark in mathematics are also eligible for entry into year 1 of DT066 - Engineering (General Entry) Level 8

Level   7   -   Bachelor   of   Engineering   Technology (BEngTech) in the chosen Level 7 Degree.


Level   8   -   Bachelor   of   Engineering   (BE)   Honours Degree DT066 - Engineering (General Entry) Level 8 in DIT. 

Students who pass DT097 have a choice of entering:- 

2nd   year   of   the   following   Level   7   Bachelor   of Engineering Technology (BEngTech) Degrees in DIT:

  • DT002 - Engineering Systems Maintenance
  • DT003 - Automation Engineering DT004 - Civil Engineering
  • DT005 - Building Engineering DT006 - Mechanical Engineering
  • DT008 - Electronic and Communications Engineering DT009 - Electrical and Control Engineering
  • DT010 - Electrical Services Engineering

Students who pass DT097 with a high average mark and a high mark in mathematics may enter year 1 of

  • DT066 – Engineering (General Entry) Level 8 and may then progress to year 2 of;
  • DT021A    -    Electrical    &    Electronic/Computer    & Communications Engineering
  • DT022 - Mechanical Engineering
  • DT023 - Manufacturing & Design Engineering DT024 - Structural Engineering
  • DT026 - Building Engineering
  • DT027 - Civil Engineering

Learning Outcomes: What will I Study?

You will study a combination of maths, science, engineering design, drawing and you will also be given a general introduction to the engineering profession. There is a strong emphasis on group projects within the programme.

Module Listing

Year 1

Semester 1:

  • Engineering Maths
  • Engineering Technology
  • Mechanics and Engineering Materials
  • Design Projects
  • Introduction to Engineering profession
  • CAD

Semester 2:

  • Engineering Maths
  • Engineering Physics
  • Mechanics and Engineering Materials
  • Design Projects
  • Elective modules

Further Information

T: (01) 402 4059 (Eddie Conlon, Assistant Head of Department)