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Food Management & Entrepreneurship / Bainistíocht & Fiontraíocht Bia


What is ... Food Management & Entrepreneurship?

The Higher Certificate in Food Management and Entrepreneurship is a two year full-time programme that incorporates food retail business and culinary arts practical classes that facilitate the development of knowledge and skills required to enter a career in the wider food industries.  The programme embraces food management, entrepreneurship and culinary practical and food innovation modules.The programme also embraces food retail   management   and   customer   care   modules  that promote enterprise development and future business creations.The dynamic and competitive nature of the food industry requires management skills that combine professional, entrepreneurial and strategic approaches.

What other options do I have after completion?

Successful merit graduates may progress onto the BSc in Culinary Entrepreneurship Degree or apply for entry onto other food related programmes in the Institute

Module Listing 

Year One

Introductory Nutrition Communications l Culinary Science - Food Safety l Management Principles l Food Commodities Retail Food - Foundation Kitchen Skills l Retail Beverage Operations l Retail Food Cost Control & Finance l Introduction to Marketing l Catering Systems & Administration l Applied Communications & Customer Care Management l Retail Food - Retail Del Counter Kitchen Skills 

Year Two

Human Resource Management l Culinary Information Systems l Product Theory l Meat Technology l Occupational Health & Safety l Retail Food - Commercial Restaurant/Cafe Operations in Culinary Retail l Retail Beverage Operations l Introduction t Legal Studies for Licenced Premises  l Enterprise Development l Applied Retail Food Marketing l Retail Food - Retail Bakery & Delicatessen Breads, Cakes & Desserts

What are my Career Opportunities?

The programme opens many career path opportunities in the wider food industries including: Food entrepreneurship; fresh food retail management; food promotion; food distribution (import and exports), event catering, and, food and beverage brand management or in the hospitality industry. In addition graduate can focus on the growing Agribusiness sector as a career choice.

Learning Outcomes: What will I Study?

The overall objective of the programme is to produce graduates capable of working effectively in all food related businesses at entry level management roles or other food related positions. Graduates of this programme will have a deep understanding and knowledge in the areas of food business and management and culinary practice.Students will have the opportunity to develop their professional skills and capabilities from an integrated interdisciplinary perspective in a range of modules such as: culinary arts that is focused towards  the  wider  retail  food industries to bring about highly skilled, self-aware and confident graduates with the capacity to achieve desired results to gain employment.

Graduates will develop professional knowledge of food industries and will have capacity to independently practice, reflect, and build upon disciplinary expertise and judgement required for operating in a food business. Upon the successful completion of all three years, the graduates are awarded a Higher Certificate in Food Management and Entrepreneurship.

Further Information

T: (01)  402 7578 (Mrs. Bróna Raftery, Programme Chair)

T: (01) 402 4344 / (01) 402 4340 (School Office)