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Food Science & Management / Eolaíocht an Bhia & Bainistíocht


If any applicant has a medically diagnosed food allergy (note; not an intolerance), this programme is not recommended.


What is... Food Science & Management?

This two year full-time programme provides students with scientific and technical understanding of food science and associated technologies as well as the business skills required to respond to the current needs of the food industry.

DT424:Course Description

DT424: Student Perspective


DT424: Graduate Story

What are my... Career Opportunities?

With the Irish food industry currently experiencing significant growth and placed to be a major contributor to the economic recovery in Ireland, this course provides rewarding job opportunities for those wishing to be part of this vital sector including junior management jobs, food product development, market research and quality control.

What other options do I have after completion?

Graduates may progress to higher level programmes, up to BSc honours degree level within DIT or elsewhere, provided they meet the specific requirements of the chosen programme.

Learning Outcomes: What will I Study?

In food science, the biological, physical and engineering sciences are applied to study the nature of foods, the causes of deterioration, the principles of food processing, and the improvement required to meet consumers demand. This programme provides education and training in the practical and theoretical aspects of food science in addition to the basic sciences such as biology, chemistry, microbiology and maths. In addition to its scientific content, this programme also offers education in the fundamentals of business and management which are essential to bring food products to the marketplace.

The programme features a major practical project in the second year, in which students work together in teams to apply their learned scientific and business management knowledge in the development of food products. These projects often develop innovative products targeting specific nutritional needs of consumers or emerging market trends.

Module Listing

Year 1

  • Principles of Cellular Biology
  • Principles of Systems Biology
  • Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
  • Computer Applications and Digital Skills
  • Introductory Microbiology
  • Fundamentals of Business Management and Marketing
  • Mathematics for Scientists I
  • Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Management
  • Introductory nutrition
  • Principles of Food Processing and Preservation
  • Applied Food Science Communications

Year 2

  • Food Science and Management Project
  • Animal Products Technology
  • Food Microbiology
  • Introduction to Food Science and Analysis
  • Fundamental Sensory Evaluation
  • Introduction to Business Finance
  • Quality and Hygiene Systems
  • Food Ingredients and Consumer food
  • Kitchen and Larder 1
  • Horticultural Products Technology
  • Food Product Regulatory Affairs

Is there an Advanced Entry Option?

Yes. An application to any year after Year 1 is called Advanced Entry.

  • All applications are made through CAO and not directly to us here in TU Dublin. Click here to apply.
  • Closing dates for application vary. Most programmes will be open until 30th June but many programmes accept late applications.
  • Contact the School directly using details below to ask if a late application will be considered.

Further Information

T: (01) 402 7550 (Dr. David I. O'Connor)