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Human Resource Management / Bainistíocht Acmhainní Daonna


What is... Human Resource Management?

This four year, full time programme is designed to develop a HRM graduate with the knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to function effectively as a HRM professional in a business environment. The scope of the programme covers the breadth and depth of the HR profession, from small to large organisations in the private, public, and not for profit sectors; from the fundamental to sophisticated, and local to global. The programme, accredited by the CIPD, is designed to take account of the key professional areas for the HRM professional, as outlined by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


First year students enrolling on this programme who have obtained 500 points or more in their Leaving Certificate will be awarded a first year entrance scholarship of €1,000 in recognition of their outstanding performance in the Leaving Certificate Examination.

What are my... Career Opportunities?

Human Resource Management is a challenging and dynamic area of management which offers significant career opportunities. Graduates from the BSc Human Resource Management Programme have career opportunities with national and international organisations across the public and private sector including HR Consultant/Manager, Personnel Recruiter, Project Manager, Training & Development, Employee Relations etc.

What other options do I have after completion?

Students who successfully complete this programme, and reach the appropriate honours standard, are eligible to progress to postgraduate level studies in a wide range of Masters Degrees in DIT and elsewhere in Higher Education. For example in DIT they may progress onto the CIPD accredited Masters in Human Resource Management.

Module Listing

Year One

  • Communications & Professional Skills
  • Contemporary Issues in Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Introduction to Industrial Relations
  • Economics for HRM
  • Marketing
  • Principles of Management
  • Quantitative Analysis & Excel
  • The Human Resource Management Legal Framework

Year Two

  • Employment Law
  • Employee Resourcing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Learning & Development
  • Management Accounting
  • Economics for HRM
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Options - choose two from:
  • EU Frameworks
  • International Business Management
  • Operations Management
  • Procurement Management

Year Three

  • Employee Reward
  • Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Organisational Change
  • Organisational Communications & Teamwork

Options - choose one from:

  • Finance & Outsourcing
  • Quality Management & Process Improvement
  • Work Placement or Study Abroad Option

Year Four

  • Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
  • Employee Relations
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Managing Cultural Diversity
  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Individual Project


Students can avail of a placement in the third year of the course. The student will have an opportunity to acquire relevant, real world experience in a business setting. Placement partners include leading companies in all the key business sectors. This placement is usually paid.

Is there an Advanced Entry Option?

Yes. An application to any year after Year 1 is called Advanced Entry.

  • All applications are made through CAO and not directly to us here in TU Dublin. Click here to apply.
  • Closing dates for application vary. Most programmes will be open until 30th June but many programmes accept late applications.
  • Contact the School directly using details below to ask if a late application will be considered.

Are there study abroad options?

For semester two of third year, students can select one of the following:

(a) Study in one of the College’s partner Universities in Europe, where modules are delivered in the English language. Student take suitable modules from the courses on offer in that partner institution and sit examinations and other assessments there.

(b) A six-month period of structured work placement in an organisation, across a broad variety of sectors. Students will have the opportunity to experience, in an appropriate business setting, the application of many of the HRM and business concepts, methodologies and issues they have studied on the programme

Further Information

T: (01) 402 3202 (Dr Mary Prendergast, Programme Chair)

T: (01) 402 3031 (Nicola Lancaster, School Administrator)



What our Students say!

“As a third year student I am really enjoying DIT’s HRM course, with lecturers who are approachable and willing to help in any way they can. We covered a wide range of subjects over the three years, all of which come into perspective when on placement in semester two of third year. Being on placement for fifteen weeks offers us students an invaluable opportunity to gain an insight into the career we will have. It is daunting at first but I can honestly say it has been a fantastic time and will benefit both future studies and careers. It allows us gain hands on experience in lots of areas such as Industrial relations, Recruitment, Employment Law and the general running of a HR office. Placement offers lots of learning and networking opportunities. The past three years I have spent studying in DIT have been a really positive experience.”