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Suitability Test / Interview / Portfolio / Audition

DT101 (Architecture)

Applicants for programme DT101 (Architecture) may be required to sit a suitability test which will be used to determine which applicants are called to interview. You will be informed of the day on which you need to attend in advance. 

Suitability Test

Candidates will be required to undertake a suitability test and if the appropriate standard is achieved, they will be interviewed as part of the selection process. The suitability test is usually held at Easter time and the interviews in mid-May. The test includes assessment in creativity, spatial and verbal reasoning and has been designed to be architecture specific.

Maximum 100 points are allocated to Suitability Test


Those candidates achieving the appropriate standard at suitability test will be invited to interview. Like the Leaving Certificate entry points the standard may vary from year to year. Candidates called to interview are graded independently by members of the architectural academic staff. The interview aims to further assess the applicant’s creative abilities together with their understanding of the nature of a career in architecture. It is mandatory that all applicants bring a portfolio to their interview.

Some Sample interview questions

  • When did you first developed an interest in architecture?
  • Do you know what an architect does, in very general terms, and why do you feel you have an aptitude for architecture?
  • Have you read or are you reading any books on architecture?
  • Have you been inspired by the work of any particular architect?
  • Do you have an interest in particular building/place?

A portfolio may contain

  • Photographs of buildings, people and places 
  • Imaginative drawings and paintings of buildings, people and places
  • Evidence of a sense of design, composition, proportion and scale
  • A range of media including drawings, use of pencil or pen or other media.
Maximum 100 points allocated to Interview & Portfolio

DT501 (Music), DT506 (Commercial Modern Music) and DT529 (Drama)

All applicants for programmes DT501 (Music), DT506 (Commercial Modern Music) and DT529 (Drama) are required to attend an audition/interview. You will be informed of the day on which you need to attend in advance.

Failure to submit a portfolio or to attend a test/audition/interview or failure to meet the required standard will result in an application for the programme involved lapsing and the candidate not being considered further for the programme in question. All assessments will generally take place during the period March - May each year.

Precise information on dates and times of when to submit a portfolio or to attend a test/audition/interview will be notified directly to each applicant. Due to the large number of applicants and the difficulties in scheduling, applicants should be prepared to attend for assessments at short notice. The Institute cannot make special arrangements for those who do not respond to, or are not available to deal with correspondence in respect of portfolios / tests / auditions or interviews.


This table shows the maximum points allocated for assessment procedures. The points achieved by applicants who are successful in any of these assessments will be added to their Leaving Certificate points score where relevant.


Suitability Test


Portfolio Review

Audition / Interview


































Portfolio Submission 

Applicants for programmes DT544 (Interior Design), DT545 (Design – Visual Communication), DT546 (Fine Art), DT559 (Photography) and DT598 (Visual Merchandising & Display) must submit a portfolio of work to DIT Grangegorman, Dublin 7 on either Monday 5th or Tuesday 6th March 2018 from 9:30am to 4:30pm each day. The collection date will be Friday 9th March

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