What is Geographic Science?

It is a profession with ancient roots, modern relevance, with an eye on the future

  • Geographic Science is the measurement, analysis and management of data relating to the earth and the built environment
  • Geographic Science professionals:
    • collect measurements and information using lots of new cutting edge technologies
    • process this data and information to produce databases, models and maps of the world
    • analyse this spatial information to identify trends and pattterns to enhance decision-making
    • utilise this information to support the management of land
  • Areas of geographic science activities include land, engineering, mine & hydrographic surveying, remote sensing; geographic information systems (GIS); and land management;
  • There is full employment for Geographic Science & Geomatics professionals worldwide and there is high mobility for individuals through networks of international professional bodies and learned societies (e.g. FIG - International Federation of SurveyorsRICS - Royal Institution of Chartered SurveyorsISPRS - International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, etc.)
  • Employment is found in both public bodies and private enterprises in Ireland and worldwide. 
  • Graduates of geographic science are employed at every level from data collection specialists in the field, to spatial information scientists analysing and managing spatial information resources to managing directors (MDs) and chief execuitive officers (CEOs). Good career progression is available to motivated individuals. 
  • Careers in geographic science can be demanding but they are also very rewarding

Geographic Science is the career for you if...

  • you have an interest in the world around you and how it functions spatially
  • you demonstrate good spatial awareness
  • you love geography but would like to study for an applied career
  • you are interested in working with cutting-edge technologies
  • you think you would enjoy working in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments
  • you have an interest in or an aptitude for working with computers and information technology
  • you have an interest in or an aptitude for working with numbers

Even if you only say 'yes' to a number of the above, please read on about careers in geographic science

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