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Assessment MethodLecturerAssociated Programme(s)NFQ LevelYear
Observation Gavin Duffy BE Electrical / Electronic Engineering
BEngTech Electrical and Control Engineering
Levels 7, 8 Years 2, 3


Observation of task eg laboratory exercise or simulated situation likely to be encountered in professional practice


  • Simulates authentic experience
  • Provides opportunity for feedback on wide range of skills
  • Enables practice before real situation
  • Shared responsibility for tasks


  • Difficult to organize
  • As a one off exercise, can be stressful
  • Requires explicit assessment criteria for judging performance


  • OSCE (clinical settings) 
  • Role playing used in combination with other assessments eg application writing, presentations etc
  • Simulations 
  • practical tasks eg laboratory exercises
  • Group working strategies

Assessment Time

  • Preparation time (lecturer): High
  • Student time to complete: Medium 
  • Ease of Feedback: Relies on explicit and realistic criteria against which performance can be judged. Sometimes these can be negotiated. Can enable peer and self-review/reflection.

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