Graduate Attributes

In 2007, the DIT Academic Council approved a recommendation that ‘all programmes will provide students with a range of opportunities to develop, practice and be assessed on an agreed range of key employability skills or graduate attributes.’ In order that all graduates leave with an agreed set of key skills for employability, it was felt that it would be necessary for DIT to identify a set of desired generic skills (in line with professional body recommendations) which are defined as key, cognitive and subject specific, made explicit within programme documents, measurable and assessable with strategies put in place in order that they are taught, practiced or assessed.

In early 2013, a cross institute group was established to develop a set of graduate attributes. At the Academic Council meeting of 13th November 2013, the following set of graduate attributes were agreed:


  • Engaged: Civically engaged, socially responsible graduates with an international outlook who contribute meaningfully and positively in their professional, community and social environments.


  • Enterprising: Graduates who have the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to apply creative ideas and innovations and to find practical solutions.


  • Enquiry based: Graduates with a spirit of curiosity and a desire to learn, motivated to draw upon existing knowledge, generating new ideas, seeking out learning opportunities, exploring the application of theory to practice and actively creating new knowledge


  • Effective: Effective, highly skilled and confident graduates with the capacity to achieve desired results, believing that they can make a positive difference. 


  • Expert in chosen subject discipline: Graduates with the professional knowledge and capacity independently to practice, reflect, review and build upon disciplinary expertise and judgment.


Each programme committee is asked to consider the listed attributes and detail where these attributes are currently embedded or made explicit and assessed in their programme.

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