Emotionally Intelligent

Emotionally intelligent graduates are able to identify and regulate their own emotions effectively, as well as understanding and considering the emotions of others. They have a higher level of self-awareness, can manage mood, reactions and responses and can relate positively to others in an empathetic way.

  1. Why is this graduate attribute important?
  2. Ideas for incorporating into module or programme

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Why is this graduate attribute important?

There is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that social and emotional competencies play a key role in job performance and success in the work environment. Employers not only require graduates to be competent in terms of the technical skills and knowledge required for the graduate role but also to be self aware with a capacity to self manage, be self motivated and to develop and maintain relationships across the organisation.   Emotional intelligence can also benefit students in terms of academic performance and persistence, especially those at risk of dropping out.

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Ideas for incorporating into module or programme

RAFT Case Studies

  1. Reflective Journalling
  2. Constructive and Developmental feedback and critiques
  3. Learning Contracts
  4. Groupwork

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