Entrepreneurs are imaginative yet critical, willing to take informed but calculated risks, expecting success but equally capable of leaning from failure. They actively seek out new opportunities, are not afraid to face new challenges, and wish to make a difference to society and to their chosen professions.

  1. Why is this graduate attribute important?
  2. Ideas for incorporating into module or programme

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Why is this graduate attribute important?

The challenges of our globalised world are such that it is not enough simply to know and understand issues in specific field of study: to be successful in life and in their chosen careers, our graduates must have a heightened curiousity about the world and a willingness to explore it in fresh and previously-unchartered ways. DIT graduates should possess the knowledge and abilities to contribute in a meaningful way to the complex and ever-changing society in which they live, and therefore we emphasise excellence in learning, teaching, scholarship, research and support for entrepreneurship. 

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Ideas for incorporating into module or programme

Live Industry projects

Students work in groups or as individuals on live industry projects, but directly linked to programme modules. Project clients can be sourced from industry by the lecturer or the student. Students can be assessed by completing a Group Project Report, Individual Log and an Individual Presentation (which can be filmed)

Interested in finding out more? Group report, log and filmed presentation

Example Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify potential issues at the design stage of a project
  2. Describe the various stages of a project process
  3. Identify good systems of communication and effective strategies to ensure effective workflow of a project through the various stages of production with relevant parties
  4. Evaluate and critically discuss the success of production on completion of projects that draws on practice and theory

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