Green Campus - Student Project Concepts - 2018/19

As a part of developing TU Dublin's Green Campus activities, a list of projects concepts have been presented that will have a direct impact on the development of TU Dublin's campuses and will receive access through the relevant TU Dublin support staff. Projects can be from an afternoon 1st. year group brainstroming session to Master's dissertation.

If you are interested in progressing any of the projects below please contact or phone 4151.
Also please contact if you have a suitable project concept, a query, or a comment.

The project concepts are classified by the Green Campus catagories below

- Litter & Waste

- Energy

- Water Conservation & Protection

- Travel & Transport

- Biodiversity

- Green ICT

- Procurement

- Learning on Campus

- Informing & Involving the Campus & Wider Community

- Other



TU Dublin Locations Litter Survey

Design, Implement, & Assess TU Dublin Bin Segregation Information Campaigns

Waste Analysis - Go through sample bins, compare with panda report, provide possible interventions

Design, Implement, and Measure ISO14001 Environmental Management compliant processes and practices

Paper Cups - internal & external cups - reusable / recyclable / burnable - educate how to reduce




TU Dublin Student & staff behaviour (ISO 50001 process related)

TU Dublin BIMS Data Analysis (ISO 50001 process related)

TU Dublin Building Operations Audit (ISO 50001 process related)

TU Dublin Equipment Use (ISO 50001 process related)

TU Dublin Equipment Procurement incl. Energy Use (ISO 50001 process related)

TU Dublin Emissions – past, current, & expected future (under different scenarios) 




Analysis of TU Dublin Water Quality

Rainwater Harvesting Infrastructure in TU Dublin (ISO 14001 process related)  

Design, Implement, & Assess Environment Projects in TU Dublin locations




NTA - Smarter Campus Travel Initiatives Competition (deadline mid-Feb)

Analysing Urban Mobility Infrastructure around TU Dublin locations

Analysing Urban Mobility infrastructure & its use around Grangegorman
- before & after LUAS & Dublin Bikes (staff, students, locals)

Active Travel (in tandem with the NTA/Smarter Travel initiatives)
- assessing & presenting possible means of developing

Cycling - gender breakdown & initiatives to address / target any imbalance

Full life costing analysis - Bikes, mix of facilities (e.g. lockers, security, … incl. space cost)

Smarter Travel Initiatives & their effectiveness
- profile & possible marketing interventions for the 500 staff drivers & the 1600 students driving

Existing Dublin Bike Use within TU Dublin & it’s projected effect for campuses like Blanchardstown, Grangegorman, Tallaght




Environment Audits for TU Dublin Locations (ISO 14001 process related) 

Designing & Fabricating Bug Hotels

Designing & Fabricating (vertical) Bee Hives suitable for Grangegorman)

Design, Implement, & Assess Environment Projects in TU Dublin locations

Design, Implement, & Assess Communications Strategies on Biodiversity




Design, Implement, & Assess Energy Saving Initiatives

Design, Implement, & Assess Paper Saving Initiatives




Design, Implement, & Assess Green Procurement Projects related to Energy (ISO 50001 process related)

Design, Implement, & Assess Green Procurement Projects related to Biodiversity (ISO 14001 process related)




Carbon Print of Food Served on Campus

Air Quality – Campus Comparison




Developing an initiative for ‘Let’s Walk & Talk

See Dublin on Foot’ for Grangegorman (architectural / cultural / historic walk)

Mobility & the wider Grangegorman Community



OTHER - possible DIT related project

Sustainability Matrices – An Accountant’s Perspective (using TU Dublin data)