Update for week of 02 May 2016

FAO academic staff members - Electronic Grade Book now open

Dear Colleagues,

The Electronic Grade Book is open for the pre-checking of module data in advance of commencement of examinations.

It is important that you check the following to ensure you can accurately record examination and assessment results in the EGB system:

a.      Check your access to Electronic Grade book.

Click here to access EGB, if you have not accessed EGB in the past you should log in using your staff number (User ID) and staff ID again for your password.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the system, please use the (Forgot Pin) icon for assistance or alternatively, if you cannot retrieve your PIN with this mechanism, contact your exams office.

b.      Check you have access to all Semester 2 and year- long modules under your remit.

If you do not have access to a module please contact your local exams office, quoting your staff number, programme code, module code and CRN. 

c.       Check you have a complete and accurate listing of students assigned to the correct modules.

If you notice students are missing from the list or module selections are incorrect please e-mail registration.service@dit.ie or call 01-4024663.

d.      Check your modules are appearing correctly and they have the correct weighting assigned to them. 

If you notice any issues with weightings please contact catalogue@dit.ie to report this, the information will be verified with Quality Assurance and will be updated where applicable.

Further information on module selection is outlined on our intranet site.

To access the module database click here


Best Regards


Darren Myler


Examinations Project Co-ordinator