Update for week of 02 October 2017

DIT All Staff Welcome Week 2017

During 4-8 September, DIT Aungier Street played host to DIT's first Welcome to the New Academic Year week for staff.

A range of events were organised that focused on the benefits of maintaining a positive mental attitude to both life and work for all. Over the week, staff heard about a range of existing and new institutional supports available to them and had an opportunity to participate in a series of ‘Think Digital’ focussed sessions.

On Thursday, September 7th Bobby Kerr, Entrepreneur, Broadcaster & Chairman Insomnia Coffee, a DIT graduate, gave a keynote presentation of the benefits of maintaining a positive mental attitude within a good work/life balance.

Of the respondents who provided feedback on the week’s events, 59% felt that a welcome week was good idea and agreed with the focus on good mental health. Positive comments highlighted the importance of reconnecting with colleagues and the recognition that staff need to adjust their routine to start into the new academic year. Bobby Kerr’s presentation was very highly rated with 69% of those who responded awarding a maximum of 5 out of 5 rating. There was also general support for the social events and drop-in sessions where staff had an opportunity to talk about issues of concern as well as get individualised support.

Of those who were not able to attend during the week, 69% indicated that they did not have the time to do so due to other work commitments, while 27% did not feel the location suited them. Others felt events were too focussed on academic staff.

However, 58% thought that a Welcome week should be organised again next year. It was suggested that the timing and the location of the week’s events should be reviewed and with more advance notice, it would possible for more staff to be able to attend next year.

The organisers would like to thank all who helped to support the Welcome week, those who participated in the events and all who provided feedback on the pilot study.